U.N. to launch probe into N Korean human rights abuses


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It will be a sad report to read. And one that we can do very little to address.

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Being born into NK must be like being born into hell on earth. And people in our societies whine that they dont have enough of this that or the other. We are all richer than we will ever know.

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If you are born there, I doubt you know better. Human beings are profoundly adaptable creatures. There is a reason that their people believe in their leader. Right or wrong, it is their reality.

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The UN really is pretty useless. And a tool of the large, Western democracies. Maybe that's why it is so ineffective. Whenever US really wants something done it goes to war all by itself and uses UN as a cloak.

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It is a step in the right direction, but really how long has North Korea been a dictatorship and they start an investigation now?

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@tkoind2 actually that is not true. You should look up more information about how many N.Koreans attempt to flee each day. Some actually make it, many others do not.

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It's so sad in this hermit country with so much political, social repression, and where people continue to be trapped starving with little or no human rights as their personal effects have been taken. They are mentally constrained, indoctrinated and smothered with fear. Whether the UN or forces under its authority will ever be able to enforce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be interesting to see. Nevertheless I agree that this probe will be a critical step for the UN to find the real truth concerning this serious matter. Where there are terrible violations occurring in North Korea with no signs of stopping the best form of enforcement would be usually to apply popular pressure at the local level. However with all the propaganda its obvious that will never happen. Therefore the only other option would be a military-type. In the end all we can say is building a human-rights friendly world is a long and slow process which requires all of mankind to contribute so that one day this world will a much better place to live.

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Um, I think there are much bigger thorns in the relationship between DPRK and Japan. One being that Japan is right under America as biggest enemy and that the DPRK threatens Japan with annihilation every other week.

@tkoind2 Trust me, except for the small minority that lives in relative luxury, the rest of the country LOATHES the Kim regime and must put up a face if support in order to survive.

If you really want to see something truly disgusting, check out "Alun Hill"'s YouTube channel. He's a DPRK sympathizer (maybe even a propaganda agent) and will constantly assert that there are no human rights violations in the DPRK and that those are just lies spread by America.

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I'm glad that a step like this has been taken and eagerly await the release of the report. The time will come when the world discovers the true extent of the atrocities being committed in North Korea at this very moment and look back at our time in shame for not acting sooner to put an end to this inbred ruling dynasty. This failed state is such a disgrace and a menace to the region and the world.

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“one of the best systems in the world for the protection of human rights”,

It's pretty sad when the fat and happy leader of NK, who was educated outside of NK, can act as if nothing is wrong with the people that starving and dying in his own country. Seems like he didn't learn a damn thing.

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The U.N. is laughable...and expect them to conclude their probe around the year 2050.

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North Korea’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Pyong Se So, swiftly rejected the resolution, insisting to the council that it was “full of fabrications” and merely a “political ploy” to “disgrace the image of the Democratic Republic of Korea”. His country had “one of the best systems in the world for the protection of human rights”, he added.

Jesus, it's like talking to a pathological liar. In complete and utter denial much?

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