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U.S. admits error in not sending high official to Paris march


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But Benghazi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Even CNN 's Fareed Zachariah commented that the Vice-President would have been an appropriate person to send. Where was Mr Biden? No mention of his whereabouts.

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But Benghazi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, I know right? So a US Ambassador and a couple other American citizens got murdered. Talk about a non-issue!

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The Right is complaining about not sending Obama. Well, do a google image search of "Charlie Jesus" and see if you like what you see. Then rethink sending Obama or anyone.

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Not just Obama or Biden, even Al Sharpton were missing as well. Allegedly speaking, they have a different agenda!!!!

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To be fair, I understand for the president to go and organize security it takes time, I don't have a problem with him not going as much as I have a problem with the White House NOT Sending someone. This is not a partisan issue, Holder was already there, then you have Biden or Kerry, someone else in his absence could have gone and it'd not ONLY the right making noise, a lot of people on the left as well. The White Royally screwed up this one.

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War mongers Obama and Harper are cowards and it is not a surprise they were afraid for their filthy derrieres so they didn't go. It is sad that this Muslim extremist waste their own lives to kill so many innocent and wrong people. While they never try to punish the real terror pushers such as Bushes, Sarkozy, Clintons, Blair, Harper and Obama just to name a few of the war mongers responsible for killings of hundred of thousands in Iraq, Libya, Syria and many African Countries, instead this Muslim terrorist are cowards that go after easy targets and kill people that are actually working for peace and trying in their own way to make the world better and freer place. Killing Journalists, aid workers, missionaries and simple civilians just because they want to stay out of the divisive politics. Correction of this cancerous situation has to be done amongst Muslims themselves, they have to contain their own people and eliminate the terrorists. At the same time they should tell the west and its NATO war mongers to butt out of Muslim countries and their politics.

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After all the lack of official support from EU for action in Syria, Iran and the Ukraine, it is not surprising that many people in the USA would rather see a "lock and loaded of the fire arms breach rather than of the arms. This hideous crime in Paris is acknowledged by every one, but those in the front line of the picture have to take steps to invest in the security of the world. These are harsh statements, but they only reflect the USA attitude today that the USA is not the policeman of the world. Aux armes, tout le monde!

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US: we are a Proper Charlie

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This is useless controversy. I could care less who went or not, but it's definitely a kick in the jowls of those that think they can impose their beliefs on others. It's remarkable there are people that are saying things like "I'm against the killings, but...."

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Maybe they heard from a Fox 'expert' that Paris was a no-go area entirely populated by militant Muslims.

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"the criticism of the decision to send only Ambassador Jane Hartley"

Heck, she's the official representative of the U.S. gov't, and she was already in Paris. The U.S. is under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint on the world, and sending a higher-level official to Paris would have increased it, not to mention cost a lot of additional taxpayer money.

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Maybe they heard from a Fox 'expert' that Paris was a no-go area entirely populated by militant Muslims.

Actually, it was CNN that complained the most as many in the Democratic party.

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The Americans were too worried about how they would order Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast en fracais.

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The White House sent the Ambassador.

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No media mentioned of any American dignitary present.

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