U.S., 5 Arab countries begin airstrikes against IS in Syria for first time


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Good.......... But it's not going to work, unless America puts boots on the ground.

If America is saying we must stop this new group that is = or more dangerous than then al-Qaeda. Then that means they know they must put troops on the groups in Iraq and 100% in Syria. If there recruiting terrorist and trying to plan attacks in the west, what are we waiting for?

This is not the Iraq war people. It would be nothing like it.

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Insanity! The Sunni Jihadis are fight the Alevite Assad government, and Obama jumps in by attacking BOTH Assad and the Sunni Jihadis. Yeah, that is a brilliant plan....on planet Obama, that is, not on planet Reality.

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WilliB there are many groups fighting in the Syrian Civil War. ISIS pretty much has no friends among them. The Obama admin supports the moderate opposition, and that is not ISIS nor are they even allies of ISIS.

That said all its going to take is one errant airstrike to make America some bitter enemies even among those we support. Smart bombs are no match for stupid intelligence and military thoughtless gung-ho.

If America won't get involved bodily, I say America should stay out of it and let this thing run its course.

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" there are many groups fighting in the Syrian Civil War. ISIS pretty much has no friends among them. "

That is wishful thinking. There might be many groups, but fundamentally the uprising against Assad is a radical Sunni movement. And it is not new either (which, as an expert commentator you surely know).

ISIS is simply the strongest and most radical among the different Sunni groups. But Obamas idea to arm one Sunni group to fight against another (and on behalf of the great Satan US nonetheless) is absurd.

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It's interesting this article states many details about the bombing campaign, yet the US official was NOT authorized to speak publicly by name? Also interesting that we are bombing Syria, yet there is no mention of Assad's comments about this?

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The suggestion by another commentator for the US ground forces to be part of the operation may not be forthcoming based on past experience of US forces in the region!

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@Swami Vas..... Please don't tell me your talking about the 2006 Iraq war? 2007/8/9 battle was won, then late 2009 war being won and won each month. America had 0 deaths every month and the Iraq troops and police attacks were becoming less and less. But yep, the public is just thinking of 2004/5/6..... Not the fact they crushed them and won the battle and just about the war.

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And the useless quarterbacks continue to second guess 100 years of established strategist who have learned their trade from the past.US forces will be needed to fight ISIS because most if not all Iranian supported Shia forces couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.The only way anyone will push those Jihadist is by placing the US's Crusaders to end those psychopaths. But the US does more manaiacs will join the sick cause known as ISIS.

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Boots on the ground. Very doubtful until after Nov. 4th.

I take that back. Ain't gonna happen before the 4th.

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It will be very difficult to wipe out ISIS without ground assault. I think Army from Arab nations should fight on the ground by Air assistance. Best option is don't take POW because ISIS don't take POW and ISIS executed all soldiers who were surrendered to ISIS.

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Bamm, Boom, Shot. Jamm, let's do the damm thing, Somebody, Somebody start a War , Hey... And That's just the Wat it Is !

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Before people wring their hands about the legality of this, in plain sight IS has "proudly" been committing genocide on the basis of religion. Those who don't take steps against IS are turning a blind eye, whatever the politics and regardless of why they had the chance to expand in the first place.

I don't think it'll take very long before the Sunnis currently supporting IS realise that it's a pretty bad idea to continue to do so. When that happens, and they turn against IS, the Islamists will become a seriously endangered species.

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" I don't think it'll take very long before the Sunnis currently supporting IS realise that it's a pretty bad idea to continue to do so. "

You think wrong.

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