U.S. announces new visa rules for some Europeans, others


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The move quickly angered Republican lawmakers who accused the administration of circumventing the will of Congress.


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......but when Trump says something similar he's a racist. When Obama and the libs IMPOSE it its all okay. Seems very shallow to me.

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I would say that the list should probably be expanded to include many other countries. But unfortunately, facist and violent ideologies are no longer contained by national borders or those with a particular passport, so I'm not sure how much good this will do.

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Iraq and Syria were targeted specifically because the Islamic State group has seized significant territory in each country for its would-be caliphate. Iran and Sudan, like Syria, are designated by the U.S. as state sponsors of terrorism.

Iraq and Syria are targeted specifically because its the cradle of, "radical islam." Why is the administration designating these places as state sponsors of terrorism??

@Black Sabbath. Of course they're going to whine and cry. Obama is a hypocrite and gets away with it.

......but when Trump says something similar he's a racist. When Obama and the libs IMPOSE it its all okay.

Exactly. And if Trump or another republican would have announced "new" visa rules and restrictions, everybody and their mother would be blasting them. Its all a bunch of one-sided nonsense.

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The Obama administration tightened restrictions on European and other travelers who have visited Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan in the last five years, even as it said the new rules may not apply to those in certain occupations who have traveled for business. The move quickly angered Republican lawmakers

because Obama proposed it.

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That's the thing about politics, on both sides. I hate when people running for office charge up the base like this. Americans are ignorant of many things, including our own Government. Too many people here think the President has absolute power. Most of the stuff Trump or Clinton proposes will simply be blamed on the "other" party if said proposals fail.

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Black SabbathJAN. 22, 2016 - 02:54AM JST The more he pisses off idiot liberals, the more I like him!

The face of the modern Republican Party!

Nope. I am a Reagan Republican - and I long for those days when America was great with him at the helm. But America has turned into a giant, steaming, pile of dung thanks to the radical liberalism that infests it like dysentery. I'm so happy that I do not live there anymore, but it still hurts me to see it continuously torn apart by selfish, angry liberals only looking out for what's best for themselves rather than what's best for the country.

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For the Trump comments : There is a wide gap between placing visa restrictions on people who have traveled to an area in contention and placing broad-stroke restrictions on a religious group. Just saying.

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