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U.S. approves $7 bil in aircraft sales to Arab allies


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despite human rights groups’ criticism of US support for the Saudi-led coalition campaign against Huthi rebels in Yemen, which has killed many civilians.

Indeed, plus Saudi's support of ISIS, which the US government is fully aware of, as confirmed by Hillary's leaked E-mails.

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Human rights doesn't matter, when it's business.

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You would think America would learn it`s lesson about supplying arms to the Middle East.

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The biggest agreement announced Thursday was for the $3.51 billion sale to the Saudi kingdom of 48 CH-47F Chinook cargo helicopters with spare engines and machine guns.

The Saudis?? Arab allies?? ... weren't most of the 9/11 people from Saudi?? ... good to see those vested interests being looked after.... I am sure it will all change when "the swamp" is drained next year... But wait, the recent cabinet appointments merely seen to be reinforcing the swamp with all their military and Wall street backgrounds... everything changes but nothing changes...

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Too funny....I would not trust these countries with a potato gun. Saudi Arabia....if they are ever attacked again the first thing they will do is run and leave behind said Military hardware for the enemy. This is the most unstable area of the world...do really think any Military hardware is safe?

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We all know where these arms are headed. With Aleppo in free fall they're going to need them. America truly is saudi arabias footstool. Collosal shame this still goes unpunished by the so called un organization. Oh yeah I forgot, america pays largest portion of the funding. Can't bite the hand that feeds you now huh? Disgusting!!

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Business trade deals for more American jobs

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good to see those vested interests being looked after.

Those vested interests being the bottom line

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US was fueling the war fire to highest point in Middle East by selling fighter jets and weapons to mainly Saudi Government. Also Saudi Government was worst Human Right violated nation on earth but US Government was quiet about Saudi Government's Human Right violation. US was put pressure on poor country like Burma on human right issue on Muslims instead of worst human right violator Saudi Government. Saudi Government has urging US Government to pressure poor country like Burma where no ethnic cleansing and torture of Muslims according to Kofi Anan and the rumor and false news was rumor mill by Saudi and US base Muslim organizations which are connection with Muslim terrorist group in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Burma. I don't see elected President will criticize Saudi Government's human right violation in future as well as stop selling weapons to Middle East countries.

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