U.S. Army invites women to try out for elite Ranger school


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Equal rights! As long as a woman must pass the same testing. Its ok with me. Personally I would find a woman a distraction being the gentleman I am.

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I am a Ranger School Graduate of Class 13-69. It is a leadership course, requiring one's heart, mind. spirit and world class physical conditioning. Men need to realize that a female with these special gifts can graduate. A human beings size and sex is not a negative factor for successful graduation from the Ranger Course. RLTW I say open the door for the ladies and show us what you Got.. And that's just the Way it Is !

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U.S. Army invites women to try out for elite Ranger school

As long as the military doesn't lower it's standard to allow someone to pass who wouldn't normally pass, then by all means let them try!

When I was in the navy I met many women who worked as hard and did as well as many men who they worked next to.

We don't want our military standards to be lowered!

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