U.S. author Tom Clancy dead at 66


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RIP. One of my favorite authors, although I wasn't as much of a fan of he later Op-Center series.

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Same here. I remember evading Red Storm Rising in high school....

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Same goes for me. He and Michael Crichton were the two authors that really got me interested in reading back in high school. Thanks for opening me up to a great world with Jack Ryan. RIP.

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“The difference between fiction and reality,” he once said, “is that fiction has to make sense.”

Nicely said. And very true.

The Hunt for Red October was a standout novel of all the Clancys I have read. It was also one of the rare stories that Hollywood did justice to. 66 is still so young...such a shame.

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Count me in with the rest of you who discovered him as a teenager and really enjoyed his books, particularly the Cold War-themed ones. I never really got into his later work, but The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, and The Cardinal of the Kremlin were excellent. I particularly appreciated the sympathy with which he portrayed his Soviet characters when it would have been easy to make them into cartoon villains.

I drifted away from Clancy when he moved on to post-Cold War issues and all those spin-off novels started coming out. But I wouldn't mind reading some of those '80s classics again.

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All I can say is that war is something better relegated to fiction than real life, and I hope it stays that way.

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I will miss Tom too! RIP, we need good authors like him!

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RIP Mr. Clancy. You and Mr. Ludlum are my two favorite authors.

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