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U.S. calls for Ukraine-Russia restraint over Crimea


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Just a few points to clean up the propaganda in this article::

"...disputed Crimea" is now irrevocable Russian sovereign territory. Yes, Ukraine can dispute all they want, but that doesn't change the facts.

"the administrative boundary between Crimea and Ukraine" is an international border.

“We call for the avoidance of any actions that would escalate the situation," while the U.S. does all it can to escalate the situation.

"Moscow and Kiev have been locked in a bitter dispute since the Kremlin seized Crimea in March 2014." Actually, Crimea voted almost unanimously (97.47%) to re-join Russia after a U.S. backed coup illegally replaced the democratically elected leader of Ukraine.

"More than 9,500 people have been killed since the pro-Russian insurgency erupted in April 2014." After the pro-Nazi militias attacked them.

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Joe "in tokyo": Thanks to you and burning bush for countering propaganda with your own propaganda.

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with your own propaganda

These are facts, to be exact.

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Nobody dares "bring it" to Putin, least of all nato.

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“Our position, as I said yesterday, is well known: Crimea is part of Ukraine and is recognized as such by the international community,” she said.

Real funny - it was no such country before 1991....

It was a little area Ukraine in 17 th century....

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Seems Putin is having trouble getting that Kerch Strait Bridge completed. No competent international company would touch it, and sanctions have left Putin with little cash to spare - and that's not to mention the doubtless corruption siphoning off what funds there are. Perhaps Putin has decided again that it would be cheaper simply to grab the land corridor through Ukraine connecting Crimea and Russia. History has shown he tends to get grabby during Olympic years.

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And what are you gonna do about it, Laguna?

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Laguna seems to think all huge construction projects in the West come in on time and under budget. Considering the KSB was started in 2015 and will be fully operational in 2019, I think that's pretty amazing for a project of this size. It took Japan 10 years of actual construction to complete the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

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Seems Putin is having trouble getting that Kerch Strait Bridge completed

Especially for you and other victims of Western propaganda two very short videos how Putin "having troubles with the Kerch bridge":

History has shown he tends to get grabby during Olympic years

Distortion of truth. History has shown that Anerican pet dogs get grabby during Olympics, like Georgia's Saakashivili in 2008. He was kicked out of his own country for that. Now Ukrainian Poroshenko, seems the same destiny awaits him.

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The whole mess was started by US government.

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