U.S., Chinese basketballers brawl during Biden's China visit


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Wow, I've never been a big fan for watching sports, but guess I've got to start watching these basketball games!

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This reminds me of the US-China baseball faceoff at the Olympics. Opposing pitchers were throwing at batters' heads and the Chinese catcher got knocked out when a Yank rammed him sliding into home plate. I think this may have been a factor in the decision to drop baseball from future Olympiads. Perhaps the two countries should confine their sports encounters to ping-pong, where there's no physical contact.

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Diplomacy at its finest

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Doesn't that team "Brave Dragons" have kind of a redundant name? Are there some wimpy dragons out there too?

Speaking of odd team names, can anyone explain the name of Japan's national rugby squad, the Brave Blossoms?

Oddest of all, what is a Georgetown Hoya?

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The brawl has been posted on youtube

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Hehehe...we may of lost on points, but definitely beat the pussys in the brawl!

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Perhaps the two countries should confine their sports encounters to ping-pong, where there's no physical contact.

Oh, I am sure even playing ping pong they'll find a way.....

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we may have lost on points, but definitely beat the pussies in the brawl!

American foreign policy in a nutshell.

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American foreign policy in a nutshell.

Oh, yeah? How so?

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From Wikipedia:

At some point before 1893, students well-versed in classical languages combined the Greek hoia or hoya, meaning "what" or "such", and the Latin saxa to form Hoya Saxa!, or "What Rocks!"

Yup, you've gotta have serious rocks to brawl against a Chinese team ... in China. It'll be interesting to hear what - and who - started it. Chinese are known to be aggressive about their teams, though; ask any soccer player who's played there.

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Keep in mind that most of the Chinese players and spectators were raised as only children and doted on incessantly by 2 parents and 4 grandparents. Such a situation does not necessarily foster the ability to sit still and watch a game in which your side might lose.

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The Bayi Rockets basketball team has been fined tens of thousands of dollars in the past by both domestic and international basketball associations for in-game fighting. Georgetown players were being kicked in the face, punched while on the ground, and were even hit by chairs and thrown water bottles. I'm sure this will be reviewed, but the Rockets have a history of rule violations which will hurt their case.

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Just saw the video. Wow, one Chinese guy chased after a student, straddled him and hit him repeatedly. He'd better look up what it means to be a PROFESSIONAL athlete. What a bunch of thugs.

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So we bet the yankies on the court, let's see you stop us taking our islands back. You will lose again.

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Haha, grown professionals fighting against school-team student-athletes! (Try fighting against grown NBA players!) And with chairs! (Dudes, ya fight only with what yo' mama gave you! How brave are ya without a chair!) How low the Chinese pro league hath sunk........ and lockout NBA players wanna go there?! Haha!

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"The melee was the latest instance of on-court fighting by China, whose players have been fined tens of thousands of dollars by the world and Asian federations for scrapping with opponents."


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i would have loved to see the whole thing

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Props to the Georgetown students for having the discipline to walk off the court and not make it worse.

Throwing chairs and water bottles? Just shows how much class China doesn't have.


The pic of 4 Chinese "men" stomping on the Georgetown student sums up China in a nutshell.

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Slap Shot Basketball!! more interesting to look at this as a new twist on the sport, rather than an international diplomatic incident may have to start watching Chinese basketball more!

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I say the boys from G'Town "invite" this team back to DC. And then put their hotel in a bad part of town...... Payback would be nice.

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I was on a Navy ship that visited China once. We had a "goodwill" basketball game that went much the same way, only to a much lesser degree. It was obvious, the US Navy team was better, but the refs kepts the PRC Navy team in the game. It got ugly and a couple of Sailors almost got in trouble.

The soccer match, being a total blowout, was another matter.


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Coach John Thompson is one of the most respected coach in the U.S., and he groomed Patrick Erving, a former NY Knicks to become Hall of Fame. China.....oh China....makes another same mistake. China team also got into fight with Brazil last October. Even this game, one of the Geogetown player was down and Bayi player took a cheap 4-5 hard punch. China team should be expelled from playing any international competition. They are ugly team and beyond bad. Boycott Chinese team.

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Coach John Thompson is one of the most respected coach in the U.S., and he groomed Patrick Erving, a former NY Knicks to become Hall of Fame.

Not this John Thompson.

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If the club has a history of dirty tactics and fights it should make one wonder why the University thought it would be a good idea to schedule the game in the first place.

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