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U.S., Chinese warships nearly collide in South China Sea


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An game in international waters of "Chicken." Kiss, kiss, press the flesh, and photo ops, but the fact remains China wants the territory and is going to take it unless Japan "mans-up" and gets tough about the islands by changing its constitution.

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The Unofficial report is that the PLAN LST was deliberately maneuvering itself in front of the USS Cowpens in an attempt to either force a collision and or seize the Cowpens and her crew.

The Captain did the right thing an maneuvered his ship out of the way and continued to survey the Liaoning in International waters.

Good Job Captain!

And Bravo Zulu to the crew of "The Mighty Moo!"

Stay the mission and continue to survey the Liaoning.

BTW: I served on an Aegis Cruiser (USS Shiloh) and I can assure you all; if the Cowpens wanted too, it has the Firepower to sink that entire Chinese Junk Fleet all by herself!

Consider that a warning PLAN.

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Japan doesn't have to man up because it's already in the process of making itself more secure.

Glad the US is letting the PLAN know things won't go their way.

If the Chinese government knows what's good for them, they should back down, the sooner the better (literally, as come revolution, their lives are not assured)

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The USS Cowpens, a guided missile cruiser, was forced to maneuver to avoid a collision with the Chinese ship that had crossed directly in front of it and halted

Chinese helm should learn how to drive.

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It seems that very belligerent China might accidentally attack the US before Japan as US war ships are patrolling in the high seas down there.all the time. It is only matter of time to bump each other.

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They must be a bit mad I think…..

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But this is still a warning to the U.S.

If there ships can get that close without America taking them out, then china could "time it" for a massive attack, that could do the same thing 2 most U.S ships "attack them by surprise "close contact" U.S weapons will not have time to work..

Hope there is now a system in place that instantly communicates with each other, to warn them of this.

That system would / should be a Alarm if more then 2 ship come near U.S war ships around the same time.

If well planed it could be a nice trap for America war ships.

This system in place will let them all know "instantly", that many ships are being approached by enemy war ships at the same time. In return that will let them know a big attack is about to happen.

There is know system that can teal another US war ship that they are also having a war ship coming at them at the same time, very close, where U.S HI TEC weapons are "rendered useless".

What do you think would happen if they all set off a alarm "saying" "its happening to 15 war ships at the same time, even around the world.

America and japan need to be smart and prepared for anything. China is going to start trouble.

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"A Chinese naval vessel came dangerously close to a U.S. warship during a tense incident in the South China Sea"

Or, the U.S. warship, very, very far from the U.S., came dangerously close to a Chinese naval vessel in the South China Sea.

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SerranoDec. 14, 2013 - 07:58PM JST "A Chinese naval vessel came dangerously close to a U.S. warship during a tense incident in the South China Sea" Or, the U.S. warship, very, very far from the U.S., came dangerously close to a Chinese naval vessel in the South >China Sea.

"South China Sea" is a name, it does not belong to China, contrary to what China seems to believe. The incident took place in international waters. China is indeed pushing it with everybody. Let's see what happens when they cause a real incident.

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Similarly, very little of the "Sea of Japan" is Japanese territory, and very little of the "Gulf of Mexico" is Mexican territory.

The US Navy has sailed its ships in the South China Sea far longer than the Chinese Navy, and will continue to sail in these and other international waters.

If China wants some ships of its Navy to sail around Guam or Hawaii, be our guest.

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The only way this ever happened was because the PRC vessel was attempting do cause an international incident.

This silly tactic has been used in many times in the past, I remember many times Soviet "trawlers" trying to do the same thing the PRC is doing.

Seems as if they actually believe they have a fighting chance.

I also love that floating tourist ship that the PRC claims is an aircraft carrier, they still can't land a plane on it if the ship is moving.LOL

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Huh, China is a bit new to this game. Wonder how this is all going to plan out.

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What would Japan have done? Stop? Continue on? It is just a matter of time before the answer comes.

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PRC is getting really stupid, and dangerous. Seems they are hellbent on upping the ante and creating a real Gulf of Tonkin incident. Stupid is too kind a word.

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When there is a real incident many parts of Asia will be vaporised by nuclear weapons ...............

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The U.S. did plenty of the same as well. I remember an incident in the Black Sea in 1986, when USS Caron and USS Yorktown entered Soviet territorial waters and refused to leave. Soviet destroyers had to ram them, destroying parts of their superstructure and nearly missing the missile pods. Only then the American ships left. Plenty others too, but that's one that I saw actual footage of.

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According to some Hong Kong newspapers: The incident occured in international water. However the US ship has entered the pre-announced (area and time) and closed-off PLA naval drill area. The US ship was warned not to enter, it refused; then the PLAN send one of their ships to stop the entry. Does that make sense?

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