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U.S. escalates involvement in Syria amid talks on Assad's future


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US poking it nose where it is not wanted, self appoint global policeman ( ISIS backer US )

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In May 1961 President Kennedy announced that he was sending 500 special forces troops as advisers to the Republic of Vietnam to assist in its fight against the Communists. He stressed that the advisers would not be involved in combat. Quagmire after quagmire. When will we ever learn?

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I bet the Left even believed Obama when he said there would be no American troops in Syria. Even after Obama "ended the war in Iraq" claiming it was his victory only to re-start American involvement just months later.

Here is a listing of the times Obama lied about Syria:

If Hillary becomes president she will certainly ramp up American involvement. She wanted involvement early on. This is exactly how America got into the Vietnam war. And the Left falls for it every time.

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So is Russia, so why aren't you calling them out? Unfortunately Obama and Lurch are late to the game.

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and the group’s [Islamic State] ranks have been replenished by foreign fighters and others.

Foreign fighters.

Why doesn't the Western Media every mention how these foreign fighters enter Syria.

Perhaps because the fact that they enter via a NATO country, Turkey, would be a little unsettling for masses in Western countries.

Better to omit the truth than upset the average Joe's Disneyland image of NATO being the good guys.

I bet these US "advisors" will be aiding and abetting ISIS and Al Qaeda anyways. The Russians have given the Syrian army too much of an advantage and now the US has to prop up the jihadist side.

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Americans do not need to be risking our lives for Syrians.

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Don't really understand why the US is so keen on getting rid of Assad. OK, so he is a dictator. That's the norm in that part of the world. It seems the main alternative, ISIS or other radical Islamic groups, seem far worse IMO. There are no significant friendly-to-the-West, belive-in-democracy moderate groups in Syria. Is it just because Assad is backed by Russia? It seems to me that the whenever the US tries to support the overthrow of the government in the Middle East it's like rolling the dice. Let the Russians try their luck on this one I say.They seem to have a better game plan. I think that's it isn't it. The US just doesn't like to see Russia take the lead.

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They seem to have a better game plan.

Anyone has a better game plan compared to obama, kerry and carter. And now with ME's newfound muscle- iran- squirming around in syria, their inluence will prop up their own regime even higher.

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@Wc And now with ME's newfound muscle- iran- squirming around in syria, their inluence will prop up their own regime even higher.

Now? In your opinion, who was propping up Assad before this current mess?

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Rather than forcing Assad out, how about holding an election and hearing what the country's inhabitants think? Or does the U.S. intend to force another dictator on them?

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@Chubbychub, you are right. They are coming to stir the pot, without any entry visa and violating Syria's airspace and sovereignty. @Burning Bush, you are also right. Notice that Jordan is in the middle of Iraq and Syria, yet, there is no report of any USIS, (now is USIS not ISIS), in there. Even reports of beheadings can be another Hollywood motion picture of CIA productions, just like 9/11 was. @american_bengoshi, I was so gung-ho after serving in the Marines and the Air Force and even after I retired, I believed all the lies. But I opened my eyes and now understand all their manipulations. First, Thomas Jefferson warned us about the media being a source of lies. Second, Maj. Gen Smedley D Butler told us in his speech, War is a Racket, that all these wars all for the benefit of Wall Street Bankers. Third, Maj. Gen Albert Stublebine was the Army chief of intelligence and he himself states that what hit the towers and Pentagon was not an airplane,(of course, airplanes do not evaporate). Lt Gen Boykin warns us of a forced economy collapse, ( Fourth, General Wesley Clark also mentions in his You-Tube documental that all these invasions were already planned back in the 1990s. And fifth, Bill Still in his documental The Money Masters, describes how all these wars are created by the World Bankers, dating back to the American Revolution, and even financed the Russian Revolution. They play capitalist and communist at the same time, as long as they have control. These should allow you to have some understanding. But if "patriotism" has disabled your thinking abilities, then I do not know what can open your eyes. Good luck.

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"Defense Secretary Ash Carter said this would probably not be the last significant adjustment to the anti-IS military campaign in Syria and Iraq.

“We are going to continue to innovate, to build up what works,”

I guess we are going to continue to escalate and end up losing lives.

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Would those who oppose prefer the Euro immigrant crisis? Something needs to be done and frankly I don't trust Russian motives.

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@MarkG, To begin with, the whole mess was created by the West. So nothing good will come out of it no matter what. If they killed so many people who were working at the Pentagon and at the Towers, they care less about anybody else no matter where they come from. Listen to Maj General Albert Stublebine and you will understand what I mean. His set of strong beliefs were shaken to the point he says: "I no longer know who the enemy is".

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@avigator Good points. That's pretty much what many others have also ended up concluding after turning off the MSM and opening their eyes. This sinister global cabal have been in control for centuries and start war after war to further their world domination. Good on you to see through all their lies and deceit.

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Now? In your opinion, who was propping up Assad before this current mess?

Guilty. The USA was propping them up. But now they've also put the iranians on the world stage by giving them that stupid "deal".

Even stupider, Obama has repeatedly stated no boots on the ground in syria. No this sudden shift? Why does he use a "white house spokesman" for the announcement? Afraid to put his foot n' mouth? Sounds like more of his "mumbo jumbo" to me.

The administration is a day late and dollar short behind Putin.

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So is Russia, so why aren't you calling them out? Unfortunately Obama and Lurch are late to the game.

Russia is actually invited and welcomed to intervene in Syria by the Syrian government. So it's legit and official. The US and their allies aren't. And Obama and his buddies aren't late. If anything, they were there first which started this whole mess to begin with. Deliberately supporting the opposition (mostly different factions of Islamist militants) to try to remove Assad out of power just because his policies don't fit theirs. That's why the US is being called out here.

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Up to 50 special operations troops will be sent to assist

Western MSM storyline for the average doofus to gobble up:

The US just suddenly and randomly decided to reverse it's policy out of the blue and up the ante by sending troops to Syria to help the Syrian people.


Russian airstrikes have drastically degraded the fighting capabilities of US assets (ISIS and Al Qaida) in Syria and the US needs to prop up ISIS and Al Qaida to level the playing field.

The "special operations advisors" the US is sending to Syria are CIA command and control experts who will give ISIS and Al Qaida advice on how to reorganize their battle strategy and also where to pick up US air dropped supplies.

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When did Congress authorize Obama's war?

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"the whole mess was created by the West."

Or, by Mohammed, depending on your viewpoint.

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I'm surprised hopefully this wont lead to escalating tension between Russia and the U.S. in my opinion the United States shouldn't have interfered.

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The Kurds have been asking for this, for more help. About time. But 50 is just a drop in the bucket; doubtful it'll make much difference.

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But 50 is just a drop in the bucket; doubtful it'll make much difference.

Not if their enemy are whimps. IS is feared from all that publicity and brutal beheadings. With rogue rappers and untrained sympathizers in their ranks, they no match for SP.

I'd put 50 US or Russian trained/seasoned SP up against 300 poorly trained IS fighters on any battlefield, terrain, climate, any day of the week.

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