U.S. ethics agency chief blasts Trump plan to keep business profits


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Who cares. If Trump's administration does a good job, everyone will be richer, not only his businesses.

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My guess is that ethics in politics is mostly a thing of the past.

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I think Trump must be looking at Putin's Russia as a role model. He sees America's current version of oligopoly in comparison with Russia's and wants to move more closely to the Russian model. He sees how rich Putin has become (some say he's the richest man in the world) because he hasn't had the judicial and legislative constraints of an American president. Putin's wealth and business dealings can't be clearly traced; no one is sure what all he actually owns. No doubt Trump would like the same. (Why hasn't Trump released his business info?)

Trump wants to have his own people making laws in congress and interpreting them in the judiciary. His oligarchs will be rewarded the way Putin's rewarded his, by freeing up government constraints so they can get even richer. (The 99%? Let them eat day old bread and be trickled down on.)

If Trump can keep the media away from his moves, maybe even own and control his own media empire like Putin, he's on the road to becoming the richest man in the world. Unless his role model decides otherwise.

Ethics? No place for it in this brave new world.

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Like Kim Il Sun passing the North Korean regieme to his son Kim Jonil and then passing the regieme to his son Kim Jonun. The Trump dynasty is real and is to be workshipped by the American people in coming decades. Every American citizens were obligated to praise the Trump, worrying about his health, rallying after his speech, celebrating his health, mass protesting a rival country who threaten them e.g.. China, Mexico....etc.

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Who cares. If Trump's administration does a good job, everyone will be richer, not only his businesses.

That's a pretty big if considering Trump has never given a rip about anyone other than himself. Not holding me breath.

And does anyone honestly believe he is not going to discuss anything with his kids? Really?

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That's a pretty big if considering Trump has never given a rip about anyone other than himself.

If he signs off on tax rate cuts, everyone will be richer. And if he signs off on eliminating useless regulations, everyone will be richer.

Of course if he signs off on other policies which are not good, then that could offset things. But look at the US stock market. All-time highs. People's pension funds are invested in the stock market, so people's pension funds have done well so far, in expectation that the new administration will overall be good.

Personally I don't like Trump, but I do like the idea of tax cuts and regulatory burdens being alleviated. I do think Trump wants to make things better, and not just for himself. The man has enough money as it is to seriously think he craved the presidency just to enrich himself.

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fxgal... Don't forget bout the dreaded disease, Bigshotitis. Who's getting the tax breaks? What effect will deregulation have on the middle and low income classes in this country? You deregulate an industry, you put workers lives at risk. Have you forgotten about the unsafe drinking water in Michigan? Deregulation brings forth Any Means to an end. If you've given any serious thought to the truths in life, then you realized that...The Means Is The End.

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A 70 year old man who has lied and cheated his entire life will not change. I was particularly amused, however, with his lawyer's discussion on the emoluments clause - and how the Founding Fathers did not intend to include normal business transactions. What a joke!

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The issue is when it becomes one American business vs. Trump's business - if doing the right thing means an American business would profit at the expense of Trump's business (meaning Trump would lose money because of it), do people believe Trump would do the right thing

How would people be sure if Trump is doing something to increase his business profit at the expense of his business competitors lose out on the profit

Basically, when it becomes a competition between his business vs. his competitors, how could he separate himself and act on it as a 3rd-party observer with no vested interest

Remember the story about King Solomon and the 2 mothers and 1 baby - what if one of the mothers is his daughter

That's why people are concerned - when an issue involves going vs. one of Trump's businesses, what would Trump do

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Mr. Trump has ethics, cannot run a long-term successful business without trust between different companies. Oh - I see your point.

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Dre Hund,

Who's getting the tax breaks?

Why, most everyone. Workers and business owners. And who doesn't want to keep more of what they earn, rather than pay it to the tax department?

I'm hoping that the new administration will make tax reform top priority in 2017. If not top priority, they at least will hopefully get it done. If what is rumoured gets done, it's going to be really great, and will hopefully trigger a nice domino-effect to other parts of the world. (If it appears that it won't get done, it will be bad for the stock market and thus most everyone, as that's where some of our pension funds are invested.)

What effect will deregulation have on the middle and low income classes in this country?

Good effect. There are a lot of regulations in the world that impose more costs on us than they are worth. I am certain that the USA is not an exception to this. Of course there are some important regulations that should be kept, but it's certainly not the case that there are no regulations that we'd be better off without. Even if you do away with just the most 10% useless regulations and keep the remaining 90%, that could have some really positive impacts.

Again, it's all there in the stock market. Be happy everyone, and hope for the best.

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