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U.S. extends airstrike role in Libya through Monday


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“We know they’re against Moammar Gadhafi remaining in power, but we don’t know what they are for,” Rogers said.

And that is enough to fight FOR them.As I remember doing close air support is supporting them.But as we said "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

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" And that is enough to fight FOR them. "

Oh really? So how do you like an Al Quaeda regime in Libya? Remember, Gaddafi stopped his nuclear programme and stopped sponsoring terrorists. Basically, he did everything the West asked him to.

Now wait till those unknown "friends" of yours take power.

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Excellent piece on US, NATO involvement in Libya titled "A Community Organizer Goes to War" by Pat BUCHANAN, 31.03.11. Google and read it!

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"Now wait till those unknown "friends" of yours take power"

Yawn. Your similar predictions for Egypt and Tunisia look as silly today as they did 2 months ago.

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The vacuum of European leadership.

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"The vacuum of European leadership."

They have deferred to the oil companies who are their masters.

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@WillB, that was irony.they r not friends of mine at all O_o

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