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U.S. flies bombers over South Korea again in show of force


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Now the North Korean public attention at the real hostile threat from US invaders and solidated even they were starved to death. They wont blame K.J. you know....

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Yup, L'il kim quaking in his boots. and just reinforces his propaganda message. US should try bombing a UN aid convoy to NK.

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Who cares, Thats China's little brat. Next time A patriot should be tested. They Launch and patriot launches lets see who wins. Aimed at Japan and lands in territorial waters is an act of war. The US will defend as by treaties and defense agreements. That would show a little force. This will prove how much control China has with the evil monster spoiled brat Kim jung un

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Why would the people of the South need to be given a show of force? A real show of force would be flying north of the 38th parallel.

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Demo flights I guess. Old young Kim sitting there and watching, yes Obama san, half a dozen of these, another 10 of those, thanks.

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They've been doing it for decades, no big deal

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A real show of force would be flying north of the 38th parallel.

No, that would be an act of war.

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Waste of jet fuel.

Flyovers will not cut it with NK.

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"No, that would be an act of war"

technically the war hasn't ended, this is why the dmz is the most heavily fortified border in the world

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When Lil Kim see the bombers flying over he will tell him that those are the wings and ghost of his grand father and father coming to take them home!

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