U.S. foils al-Qaida bomb plot against airliner


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I thought Obama said the war against terrorism is over. Guess the jihadis did not read the news.

I thought it was President Bush who said that?

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“The device was for use by a suicide bomber on an airliner” ...take this with a grain of salt. Many reasons they might say this. Maybe to justify all the security theater and huge expense to the American taxpayers.

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The United States has foiled a plot by al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen to blow up an airliner and recovered an explosive device

stressing the public was never in danger.

At no point were any airlines at risk

So, what did they foil?

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News stations here in the States says this story is developing. Question is, who's "developing" the story?


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So far we are very very lucky, just look at the winners working for TSA! Low IQs, they hate their jobs, I would not be surprised if on purpose they would let a bomb go through just for fun!

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Weasel-worded news article. They cannot say what they really know or what they really think about either the article or how it was proposed to be used. (In the interests of security)

It is left for those of us who read the news to fill in the dotted lines and work out what they are not saying here.

But as cactusJack says, this discovery will be used for further expensive and invasive security measures for the poor long-suffering traveler/traveller.

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branch? i taught it was a cell

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kurisupisu@have you been reading any news stories at all about Al Qaeda since 1998? Or are you just being argumentative?

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Must kill Republicans to see a Democratic president aggressive in protecting America. So they complain: Obama is playing up this event too much! Obama is playing down this event too much!

Perhaps they acknowledge in their hearts that patriotism and competence know no party. Or perhaps they do not.

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More news like this and Americans can expect stricter security, more invasion of privacy and further losses of liberty.

All in the name of freedom you understand.

Fear is the key.

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Sh, sh.....Obama administration tries to water down this event, because they claimed that Al Qaeda and Taliban are getting weak. Any Islamic terrorism headline news, it would make Americans see beyond the shallow and empty words of this presidency. As stated, dictators gone wild around the globe at the moment under his watch. The future generation will have to pay a heavy price for Obama's ego and narcissistic mentality. FORWARDING OVER THE CLIFF.

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The headline is misleading. No specific airliner was targeted.

But you know, after 11 years of war Patriot Act, predator drone assassinations, Guantanamo and waterboarding, its about time the CIA finally seems to have prevented an attack. I cannot imagine it was all worth it though. There are still so many other ways this one could have been stopped without all that mess, blood, death and torture.

Penny-wise, pound foolish for sure.

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What really happened Christmas 2009 with the "underwear bomber":

Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I (NY Times article)

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I thought Obama said the war against terrorism is over. Guess the jihadis did not read the news.

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If there is a 'branch' of Al Qaeda in the Yemen then this would imply that there is a head office ? Why hasn't the US taken out the HO then?

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