U.S. freezes major weapons, cash aid to Egypt


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Do we really have the money for this crap? We have hungry, sick, and unclothed American CITIZENS here in America. Instead we arm countries whose loyalty to us is more than highly questionable.

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Get out of all these countries and bring all the money and military back to the US. It's shameful how the government has neglected it's poor and needy. Domestic before foreign. None of these countries are going to attack the US, and if they did then wipe them off the Earth. But for now, it's time to clean up the mess at home.

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"Baby, you can't buy love." The USA should do the same for all the countries on taxpayers' welfare. Defend thyself, Japan, et al.

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America has been wasting way too much $$ on Egypt and ISRAEL!! Both do not deserve so much $$$!! Not only Egypt but yes, the holy land as they call it gets way too much $$ from the USA, and what the hell do we get in return?? NOTHING!!

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The majority of Egyptians consider the Muslim Brotherhood to be thugs and terrorists. When they were in government, Obama supported them, now that they have been removed from power, Obama withdraws funding and support. It shows us clearly where Obama's loyalties lie. He should be impeached.

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I sure hope the Muslim Brotherhood appreciates this, as dim a hope as it is....

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Egypt is a mess and more weapons aren't going to help. But it does look like Obama is playing favorites. He didn't complain much when the brotherhood was abusing power.

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