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U.S. gov't sues BP, 8 other companies in Gulf oil spill


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This is really a lawsuit to "sweep-up" all the lawsuits and to limit potential claims. Obama is the one who initially delayed having anything done. Maybe the US Gov should be getting sued on behalf of the people. Surprising that Halliburton is not on the list.

I wonder what WikiLeaks has on this?

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You seem quite good at using your imagination....why wait for Wikileaks?

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But Halliburton Co, the contractor in charge of mixing and pumping the cement, is not named in the suit.

DARN THAT CHENEY!!! oh wait, Obama's in office...

This suit is just a PR stunt.

Obama is the one who initially delayed having anything done. Maybe the US Gov should be getting sued on behalf of the people.

good idea!

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Americans seem to dislike the idea that they are disliked around the world yet when an American news outlet based in Japan headlines an article “U.S. gov't sues BP, 8 other companies in Gulf oil spill” they see nothing wrong. Surely the headline should have been “U.S. gov’t sue oil companies”?

This is obvious BP (Britain?) bashing.

“The staff of a presidentially appointed commission looking into the spill has said that the disaster resulted from questionable decisions and management failures by three companies: BP, the well owner and operator; Transocean, the owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig; and Halliburton.”

And yet, surprise, surprise Halliburton is not on the list of companies being sued.

“Holder said it is conceivable that additional defendants could be added to the lawsuit. “This is an ongoing process,” the attorney general said.”

And saying what “might” happen in the future is meaningless.

America, the land of the always innocent, whatever the evidence.

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BP can afford it.

Halliburton had their dirty hand it though. Can't see why you're all so keen to let them off the hook......no companies should be that big, even if they're just making yoghurt's.

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Haliburton should definitely be implicated and culpable, but they are too politically connected and have too much dirt on too many politicians, making them almost untouchable? Look at it this way, they are indeed to big, and the only reason there is no other construction company so big in the world is because the economy of scale is not realistic. Haliburton only survived thanks to Cheney and Bush starting a war in Iraq so that they could get the no-contest bids to rebuild the infrastructure. How could any USA administration go after them as opposed to BP?

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So Badsey and SuperLib who is supposed to pay for the BP accident? < :-)

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adaydream - maybe you do not read or watch the news, but BP has already agreed to pay. This lawsuit is for publicity only.

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