U.S. knew too little to deploy troops to Benghazi: Pentagon


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President Barack Obama’s administration initially blamed the assault on protesters before concluding it was a planned attack by extremists.

This should read, that Obama initially blamed the assault on protestors, before admitting, that it was a planned attack, after their story unraveled.

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This should be discomforting to all the Japanese who have trust in the US military, State Department, and intelligence operations. They botched the Arab Spring in a similar manner. Maybe this is why China doesn't seem particularly scared of the US anymore. Forward!!

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Panetta is well practiced in the deceptive art of CYA. His comments have already been refuted by inhouse emails. He gets the "Pants On Fire" for this statement. In this case, it's CYCICA.

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I am with Herve, Panetta is full of BS, full of caca! How in the world could the CIA, etc...NOT know that Libya is not a dangerous place????? Sorry, but even us here on our PCs know that it is a dangerous place, let alone the FBI, CIA, etc..with all of their spies and high tech satellites etc..for shame!

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Hello, Libya is not the only dangerous places for americans. The USA has been causing troubles and problems in the world to stay superior forever. Soon, americans will have to stay only their country as everywhere will be too dangerous.

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