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U.S. lawmaker wants probe of bin Laden film project


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For shame! As if the poor movies of 9/11 weren't enough, they're going to make one of the US killing Bin Laden? Knowing how stupid Hollywood is they'll probably get Michael Bay doing the movie.

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I doubt anything good will come of the film. But the Repubs are just worried that a big film will help Obama at election time. Their weak, vacillating leader let bin Laden attack the States and get away.

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Another hollywood fantasy depicting what americans wish had happened but didn't.

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“The moviemakers are getting top-level access to the most classified mission in history,” Dowd wrote over the weekend.

'The most classified mission in history' is a wee bit overstatement, ne? I suppose if you live solely in the past 10 years it might be true-ish, but c'mon.

Is it really too much to ask for Americans to be able to know a bit about what their government is doing in their name, especially when it's a positive good? Heretical thought I know, everything must be secret secret....

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Hollywood liberals just want to help Obama's re-election chances by putting out a propaganda film to make the lead-from-behind president appear to be an actual leader and not the feckless Jimmy Carter that he has morphed into. The plan is to hi-light Obama as some brave hero and de-emphasized the actual hero's, the SEALS. It will not be effective with the unemployment rate at 9% and $6 trillion in accumulated debt over a single presidential term.

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For shame! As if the poor movies of 9/11 weren't enough, they're going to make one of the US killing Bin Laden?

The shame is on all the Obama pod people who fell for 'hope and change.'

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Actually they were in the process of making a movie about a fictional hunt and taking down of Bin Laden, but the killing happened just before they started shooting. So they revised the script to more closely coincide with actual events, nothing political driven about it.

Was all over the news about the movie, etc after the killing. People just need to inform themselves and read the news fully.

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Peter King is a royal ass.

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Gutsy call by King.

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