U.S. lawmakers celebrate Keystone bill; Obama vows to veto it


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Good deal for a few Albertans and bad deal for Canadians By literally destroying Alberta it also makes sure Canadians have to pay more for their imported oil. Jobs created in USA are short duration mid to low paid jobs.

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And will the true obstructionist please stand up. Can't blame the opposing party anymore.

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This bill will unmask Obama of his narcissistic left wing agenda. The oil drills on private lands in U.S. have brought down the oil prices until recent chaos in the Arabia that might spike the price of crude oil up again. Thanks to Obama's successful policy in Yemen, Libya, Syria... that turns M.E. into turmoil in years to come. What a shame!

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The detractors are all screaming about oil spills when pipelines are the safest mode of transport of heavy crude. Obama is a shill to Hollywood, where so-called 'celebrities' jump on bandwagons to get their names in the tabloids. Bad international relations don't matter to the mindless hordes of whores in the US who crave attention. Watch Obama screw his nation for the votes of the simplistics. They should all form a new band with that name. Could be the next disco queens.

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Obama doesn't want Americans to have low gas prices, he wants everybody to take the bus or train.

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