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U.S. lawsuit claims 'King of Beers' is watered down


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"For me, I'm happy with my Asahi Super Dry. Americans should try Japanese Beer."

Was at Mitsuwa Japanese supermarket in Edgewater, NJ a couple weeks ago and bought myself a case of Kirin Ichiban. It's "brewed under Kirin's strict supervision by Anheuser-Busch." Ooops.

I like it for ambiance while I'm watching "Lost in Translation," "My Neighbor Totoro," "Spirited Away," "Ramen Girl," etc. Otherwise I prefer a Smuttynose IPA or Riverhorse Hop Hazard.

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P.S. had a humorous discussion with the asian server who kept trying to tell me it was pronounced "asahai" instead of "asahee". I think she was of Vietnamese descent.

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For me, I'm happy with my Asahi Super Dry. Americans should try Japanese Beer.

Just had an Asahi Super Dry the other day at the local "Akasaka" restaurant. Displayed on the can: "Brewed in Canada". We'd LOVE to try a "Japanese" beer... except Japanese breweries have licensed out their beers to Canadian breweries. So now we get "Molson's Golden" packaged in a different can.

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Well Company doesn't want Beer drinkers' brain damage by high alcohol content in their Beer. So Anheuser-Busch Company add water in their Beer for sake of their customers' health. I hope Company should introduce label with first drink, second drink and third drink. First drink bottle has more alcohol content and reduce in second and third. They don't care alcohol content in Beer after they drank. American consumers are obsessing with law suit. For me, I'm happy with my Asahi Super Dry. Americans should try Japanese Beer.

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For all the good things that come from the US, sorry, but Budweiser is piss....

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MapleG- Bud doesn't try to position itself as a premium beer. It makes noise in its advertising, but premium beers don't sell for $6.00/six-pack. And it clearly isn't a premium beer - it's pretty awful.

As for American beers being "****ing close to water", that has to do with laws concerning allowable alcohol content in beverages labelled as beer. Beers with higher alcohol content are called "high gravity beer" or "malt liquor" or "barley wine." But they're far from mainstream in the U.S. Even serious home brewers generally keep alcohol content low so they can drink a few beers without getting loaded.

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Genki5-while I agree one gets what one pays for, the problem is Bud actually trys to position itself as a medium to premium type beer. Not in the highest category for sure, but they don't see themselves as some kind of bargain type beer.

Totally agree though that it is about as close to good beer as ginger ale is to the same good beer.

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I was wondering why there was a surge in home/small business breweries...

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i thought most american beers are watered down

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One gets what one pays for. Not one tear for the person who is desperate enough to drink these lousy brands.

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American Bud is not even a beer - it is made with rice, hence its bland flavour.

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Happily put this stuff in their mouth for years, ...what was the tip-off again?

If and when it changed, did they notice a change immediately and get a lab test done, or did they wait a while? Or what?

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" American Bud is awful, like making love in a canoe, it's ****ing close to water."

Best quote this year!

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Is anyone surprised by this? I was in the US last year, and try as I might, I found it absolutely impossible to get drunk on American beer.

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After the horse meat incident from Europe we have the watered down BUD from the US. Iwonder what will come out next?

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Agree with you on that Scrote, American Bud is awful, like making love in a canoe, it's ****ing close to water. Czech Bud however, is very nice.

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Budweiser is awful stuff and best avoided; I'm struggling to think of a worse-tasting beer. The people who buy it can't have any taste, which is why they didn't notice it was watered down.

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even at supposed "full strength" Budweiser never really had any taste (although it works a treat on bathroom stains)...

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I wouldn't be shocked if this did occur. AB InBev has made no secret of the fact that cost cutting is more important than beer quality (Beck's is being brewed in the US for US consumption) And there is accusations of using cheaper ingredients such as inferior hops.

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I always thought it was an open secret that those beers were watered down.

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