U.S. lottery winner's death ruled a homicide by cyanide


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Can't believe the coroner didn't check this out better the first time around. But from what I've heard about coroners they're not always as reliable in the first place on cause of death. Usually when someone dies so suddenly in this type of situation its supposed to be really looked at closely to begin with.

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“Winning the lottery means everything to me,” he said at the June 26 ceremony, so I guess he did mean EVERYTHING because he ended up paying for this ticket with his own LIFE!

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" the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office didn’t automatically perform them(autopsy) on those 45 and older unless the death was suspicious,"

The man suddenly dies one day after collecting big winnings and the PD doesn't deem the death suspicious?

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If he'd been blond and white with a name like "Smith", there might have been a bit more initial interest....

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Thats very ironic.... Like that lady's song... win the lottery and died the next day. RIP!

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He scratched off the ticket, then jumped up and down and repeatedly shouted, "I hit a million"

Mistake number 1 perhaps? Best to keep quiet and not attract attention to yourself.

Have known people from the old neighborhood who have won quite a lot (yes a million or more) via the lottery. In almost every instance, the thrill of winning so much cash was quickly overshadowed by the grief and tragedy that followed.

It's amazing just how bad that many of the lives of these big winners end up becoming. Most of these winners are just not prepared to handle all of the nastiness/jealously that so much cash brings out in others, especially family members.

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Just another murder for the USA capitol of murder (Chicago). So happy in the photo. Add another to the list: 513-->514 for 2012

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I know Chicago is bad, but I really doubt that it is the most dangerous city in all of the USA, anyway, RIP!

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I know Chicago is bad, but I really doubt that it is the most dangerous city in all of the USA, anyway, RIP!

nah...that honor would go to detroit.

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-and that is just for Chicago and not the suburbs.

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Cyanide and Chicago just another method of murder

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Check out the store worker who got $100 tip that day. Pretty mean, huh?

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