U.S. Marines want women barred from combat jobs


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I can just picture a woman lugging a full field pack and the plate for a 60mm mortar. Or better yet, replacing a tank track or humping the ammo for a light machine gun. How many good marines must die because the progressives want to use our military as a proving ground for their inane theories?

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It's just a bad idea all around. People also fail to think of the 2nd and 3rd order effects.

1: Women in intense combat training suffer lower-body and bone injuries at nearly twice the rate of men. Are we, as a nation, willing to physically disable a disproportionate number of our young, physically fit female population? Especially at a time when 50% of our population is already overweight disgusting fatbodies? Are we willing to absorb the economic burden via VA healthcare expenses for all these additional women with service-connected disabilities?

2: Are we going to force gender-integration to the hygiene and berthing areas? If not, then we need to build exclusive female shower facilities into even more training areas. This will practically double your infrastructure costs. The marginal cost of adding 1 male Navy SEAL to a unit of 99 is very low. The cost of adding 1 female SEAL to a unit of 99 males is exorbitantly high, and I can guarantee you whatever productivity her "diversity" brings won't even come close to matching the cost. And it's not like there's going to be more than 1-2 of these females performing at such stratospheric levels of physicality....unless you start throwing enlistment bonuses at our female Olympic athletes and MMA fighters. It'd be kinda cool to see Ronda Rousey try out for Delta Force...

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Can common sense prevail over politcorrectness? Very unlikely, but anyway kudos to Dunford, at least he tried.

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Both my mother and father were in the military. Father was in Vietnam, Grandfather was in WWII and Korean war. I was told by some of my military acquaintances that the best place for a woman to serve was in the USAF.

PC can only go so far when it comes to non-differential treatment between the sexes. When it comes to soldiering I think that it's best that women and men should be put in the position that best suites their physical attributes. Maybe there are just certain fields of combat that women shouldn't be put in and vice versa for the men.

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The whole idea of women in a single rifle packing unit is ridiculous.

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Of COURSE male-only units are going to perform better so long as your mentality towards and training of mixed units remains in the dinosaur age!

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In related news, AKB-48 will been renamed Army Kiddies AK-47 and must report for duty wearing smiley flower fatigues. Is it too late to sneak that into the small print of the new security bill?

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Of COURSE male-only units are going to perform better so long as your mentality towards and training of mixed units remains in the dinosaur age!

I think Female Kurdish Fighters are enough to discredit you, just like you of mostly discredited your self with Okinawa. I have meant many tough women in the arm forces that I would prefer to serve next to instead of you.

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