U.S. marks 50th anniversary of JFK assassination


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No mention of the protest? Or, that it's not normal to do a memorial, and that they only did so as propaganda?

No articles on that they attacked the protesters, and the attack was stopped by a group called The People Against Police Brutality showing up?

Press were directly IN the protest, and personally getting rough-housed. Footage is on youtube, quickly accumulating views since posted. A real journalist would report this.

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How about the fact that the US CIA killed off Mr. Kennedy to make sure he did not STOP the VietNam war??

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EM, have you become a conspiracy theorist?

" Conspiracy theories continue to captivate doubters and fuel an industry of books, films and television specials."

And why would any cognitively alive person believe the Warren Commission report? It's easier to believe in unicorns than the "magic bullet".

JFK may have been trying to do great things(other than Norma Jean), but he sure had a lot of enemies, not the least of which was LBJ.

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How about the fact that not one fact has ever come out of any of the JFK conspiracy theories? People like Oliver Stone have set back real-life history because of their story telling and new generations of people have been brought up on stories about this event instead of facts based on real evidence.

No mention of the protest?

What protest?

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JFK was murdered in cold blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JFK was murdered in cold blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that is what the word 'assasination' means in the headline 'U.S. marks 50th anniversary of JFK assassination'.

It was an assassination that shocked not only a nation, but the rest of the world as well. Anyone I have ever spoken to that was old enough to remember it remembers not only news of the assassination but where they were when they heard it and it had a marked impact on them.

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If there was no conspiracy, then how come they don't release all the material until 2017 ? Why wait that long ? To make sure that all related people are dead by then ?

Yeah, nothing sounds fishy there...

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Yeah, nothing sounds fishy there...

There must be some confusion. 'Something sounds fishy' is not a fact. It is an opinion. As I said, no actual facts have come from any of these conspiracy theories. A question is not a fact and an opinion is not a fact, neither is a suspicion a fact. This leads me to the logical conclusion that the conspiracy theories are just that, theories.

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