U.S. military copter crashes near N Korea border


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No big deal this happens all the time! As long as it was not shot down by North Korea, right??

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@ Elbuda Mexicano

Yep you are right. Several Black Hawks with the Australian army also crashed. There is a big question over its safety.

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They should ground all Black hawks until safety standards improve, eager people join the military to serve their nation and their governments offer them second grade equipment with total disregard for their safety.

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And people laugh at North Korea's military. LOL!

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good it didn't happen on Auspicious Monday when NK was celebrating the birthday of their first leader.

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Can't be bothered to Google it but I'm guessing there's Black Hawks somewhere around the world constantly.

Glad all personnel were okay. Regardless of safety concerns, that sounds like a good or lucky pilot to me.

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No, it was a 53, it was a "hard landing" with no casualties.

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This is how mistakes can lead to war...

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I wasn't aware that the two countries share a common border, at least on the mainland. Aren't there just lines of demarcation between which is the demilitarized zone?

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Helos are designed to survive crashes, and the pilots are taught how to crash/land safely. In most cases, the helo can be set down without injury. The fact that everyone walked away points to pilots doing their job well.

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Black Hawks are so damn unstable. Not sure why the US still uses them. They crashed in Somali, Afghanistan, and now Korea...WTF?!?!

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^...sorry menat to say Pakistan, not Afghanistan

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Actually, a Black Hawk did crash in Afghanistan more Black something more stable!!

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Maybe NK brought it down with an EM pulse weapon developed without the CIA knowing about it? Hey, L'il Kim is already being treated as Blofeld so why not?

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Mirai Hayashi

You know not of what you speak. The 60 has an impeccable service record taking into account the sheer number (4500+) that have been produced and the relatively high percentage that have been flown in combat areas these past ten years. There is no controversy involving the 60 and there are no outstanding safety issues with them.

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Things happen. All types of machinery fails at some point. Just because we seen a few crash over the years doesnt mean the other ten of thousands of them are dropping like flys.

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Hey everyone! This wasn't a "Blackhawk"! This was a "Super Stallion" and the model appears to have issues quite often. According to Wiki, the helicopter has incident rates about twice as high as other helicopters in the navy. Here's one from last year that sounds similar to THIS incident:

On 29 June 2012, a Navy MH-53E from HM-14 made an emergency landing five miles northeast of Pohang, South Korea due to an in-flight fire. Though the pilots and aircrew were uninjured, the aircraft was heavily damaged by the fire.

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I've seen about 50 stories about plane/helicopter crashes on JT over the years, which means I've seen about 50 threads saying that particular model is just too dangerous to fly.

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In Nam it was the Jesus bolt causing all the problems, mixed steel with sand to cut costs...

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Thanks for the info ... +1 for you.

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