U.S. military reasonably certain 'Jihadi John' is dead


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Our air force can deliver a 500 lb bomb with almost rifle accuracy. I'm proud that my tax dollars bought a small piece of that bomb that killed that butcher.

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I guess there will still be those strange individuals out there hoping the US really hit a wedding party. UK's radical Labour leftist Jeremy Corbyn most certainly amongst the limp wristed.

One sole missile strike and the Americans whip the publicity rug from Putin's feet.

And I have to say good call. And good riddance.

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Our air force can deliver a 500 lb bomb with almost rifle accuracy.

Indeed, they can, when they want to. One has to wonder why they have been so ineffective until now.

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Good to know. Jihadi John is pushing up daffodils along with that wanabee german rapper (turned extremist) who was also killed from the air recently.

Really PO'd ISIS and the radical sympathizers in Europe tho . . . . they just wreaked massive terror in Paris. Wonder if the asylum seekers stuck in Eastern Europe are walking on sharper eggshells now.

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A cure, maybe the only cure possible for people infected with terrorist's disease, was used to rid the planet of this sick, insane man.

May those who suffer his disease, those whose extreme beliefs have made them insane, those who have crossed every limit of biological life, those who have caused so many problems for people of all cultures, meet slow, painful deaths.

This terrorist died too quickly, but I'm glad he's gone.

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@Madverts "One sole missile strike and the Americans whip the publicity rug from Putin's feet".

Who you are trying to convince ? American TV viewers, maybe? Lol. That "emwazi" just one insignificant thug by comparison to the whole bunch of ISIS.

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Feel your pain there in Russia.

The Americans are just better at everything. Get over it dear xxx

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

@Madverts 'The Americans are just better at everything'. No doubt. Everyone knows that you are world champions in bombings of civilians in hospitals and killings of your allies due to so-called 'friendly fire'.

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Accounts of his death in the press vary from being 'vapourised in the explosion' to being 'dragged away and dying in a local hospital'. Not exactly conclusive proof of his demise.

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Good riddance to that guy. The deserved every inch of that bomb.

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“This guy was a human animal"

Nah, he was just an animal.

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Calling terrorists animals is an insult to animals. Animals kill strictly for survival/food/defense. Terrorists kill strictly because they terrorist thugs. They are lower than maggots!!!

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