U.S. Navy rescues Iranian fishing boat from pirates


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Glad to see some pirates taken out. The Iranian people don't really have a grudge against the US, so it was awsome the ship didn't give a hoot about contacting the Iranian authorities about the situation. US Navy did its duty and went on its way. Good news to hear.

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Too bad they can't treat the pirates the way they used to. Catch em in the act of piracy, hang em high. No delay. Over and done. If they did that, and treated the Somali pirates the way they did the Barbary Pirates, I guarantee, there would be a swift end to the pirate attacks.

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Agreed. The US and Iran have a long history of friendship; Persians tend to have a deep admiration for Americans. Let's hope they are able to come to their senses soon so relations can be put back on track.

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It's ironic that the U.S. destroyer had the same name as a famous pirate captain (William Kidd). Actually it was named for the commander of the battleship Arizona, admiral Isaac C. Kidd, who went down with his ship at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7.

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Once again, real life goes where fiction writers would be reluctant to tread.

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This is the kind of news I want to read MORE AND MORE about, using the mighty US Navy for POSITIVE purposes, and melting those bad, evil feelings away, from one person just doing the right thing.

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Good job to the Navy...keel haul the pirates.

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LagunaJan. 07, 2012 - 08:54AM JST Agreed. The US and Iran have a long history of friendship; Persians tend to have a deep admiration for Americans. Let's hope they are able to come to their senses soon so relations can be put back on track.

Let's hope that the US come back to their senses and stop trying to make war with Iran all the time.

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This story made me so proud to be American today. Hope we can break ice with common Iranians.. Job well done, Navy!

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NOW can we have our drone back?

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Nessie - Dream on, ha ha!

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Nessie, hah! You can bet the Navy is ripping apart that ship to reverse-engineer dhow technology even as we speak!

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At last the US Navy does something useful!

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Well, the giant plot hole in the article makes me suspicious. Don't any of you see it?

The ship was captured by pirates over 40 days ago. The distress call came...when exactly? The other day? How did that message get out?

At this point, I am thinking its possible that the fisherman took back their own ship and then called for help and were just happy to have the Americans take the captive pirates off their hands. It sure would explain everything. You guys are too quick to wave the flag over this very fishy story.

As for Iran not happy about American warships in the Persian Gulf (this article is loathe to mention the word Persian and just says "the Gulf"), do you think America would be happy to have Iranian aircraft carriers and destroyers in the Gulf of Mexico? Before you answer, also consider if Iran had troops in Canada and just withdrew troops from Mexico. That is basically the situation Iran is in with America, with American military all around Iran. And let us not forget it was an American plot that overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran to install the Shah just to get some cheap oil. Operation Ajax, look it up. So many murdered under the Shah's regime. And you guys expect a handshake over the rescue of a fishing boat??? This would be like letting Charles Manson out of jail because he baked you some cookies!

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At last the US Navy does something useful!

Tell it to the folks on the receiving end of USN relief work in Tohoku , Indonesia and Haiti, to name but a few.

You funny.

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Superman rescues arch nemesis :P

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I'm sure the ayatollahs won't have any difficulties putting a negative spin on any of the Great Satan's dubious good deeds.

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Saving fishermen from pirates is an excellent thing, though, as TinMadDog points out, the timing is weird.

Tohoku, Indonesia and Haiti were PR gestures.

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Oh boy, isn´t that ironic. The Big Satan USA rescuing an Iranian crew from the captivity of mohammetan pirates. Wonder what Ahmedinejad makes of that.

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The piates not necessarily Shiites, Willi.

Talking about the Gulf, TinMadDog, I once had a class of Iranians and Iraqis all wanting to learn English. I put up a map of the Middle East and at one point mentioned the Persian Gulf. "No, it's NOT the Persian Gulf!"... The Iraqis jumped up in anger and a huge fight broke out. LOL

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LOL?? The timing maybe sound strange but I bet these poor Iranian don't care about the timing and are just happy to been rescued so good on the US Navy!!

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" The piates not necessarily Shiites, Willi. "

Of course they are not Shiites, The pirates are Sunnis.

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Wouldn't it be great if we could put humans that easily into groups that suit out needs? Maybe it be shiite/sunni or even left/right or similar.

Reality humans are more complex and don't easily fit any box that others want to assign them to, may it be on religion/politics/crime/whatever.

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"Wonder what Ahmadinejad thinks of that"

I'minajihad is wondering how to play this down.

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Tohoku, Indonesia and Haiti were PR gestures.

PR gestures? That's pretty twisted. I sincerely doubt the thousands in those areas cared much how you would categorize it when they were being rescued, sheltered, fed, clothed, etc. You may as well add the Philippines to your list since we conduct our "PR gestures" there pretty much every year.

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" Reality humans are more complex and don't easily fit any box that others want to assign them to, may it be on religion/politics/crime/whatever. "

We do not need to assign anything. Iran´s islamic revolution and the holy war against the "Great Satan" USA is all about islam, in particular Ahmedinejads 12er Shiite branch. Read what he says, read what his ayatollhas say. It is not something we make up, it is reality.

Which is why it is so ironic that the Great Satan has now rescued Iranian sailors from mohammedan pirates. Well they get a thank you note?

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The Big Satan USA

@WilliB, we Americans do not deserve your name calling as "The Big Satan USA". We are in a very difficult global situation today. We (USA) are damned if we do not, and are damned if we do. I cannot speak for a majority, but I want you to know that we are not a police for a global unrest. Please be specific and tell me why we deserve your name calling, would you please?

1)Are you saying we should not have helped Tohoku when the earthquake hit Japan on 3/11/11?

2)Are you saying we should not concern anything about Chinese military expansionism in Asia?

3)Are you saying we should stay away from Iran when the nuke threat is a real danger to the world?

4)Are you saying we should not show any concern to the NK's nuke weapon development?

5)Are you saying we should have left everything on the Midle East Peace Talk to Israel?

6)Are you saying we should have left everything to Taliban?

7)Are you saying we should have shown our respect and honor to Al Quida Terrorist groups that are real threat to the world?

I can list more and more for you, so that you can respond to me. We go from there. I am defending all US military personnels who are risking their life to keep the world in peace as much as they can. Please respond to my post as lsted above, I appreciate that, WilliB.

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