U.S. newsman Mike Wallace dies at age 93


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Too bad. I grew up watching this guy...

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RIP Mr. Wallace. Sad to see you go.

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I grew up watching him too. It taught me to question everything.

The best propaganda is 95% fact, 5% message. Thank you Mr Wallace.

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Rest in Peace Mike Wallace! You will be missed.

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I'll never forget the time Wallace interviewed a shifty mechanic who cheated people by telling them their cars needed this and that when their cars needed no maintenance. I guess that mechanic lost some customers after that broadcast!

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Wallace was the ground zero of the one-sided liberal journalism that now infests the U.S. msm.


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Funny when Wallace interviewed the Ayatollah in Iran and bluntly told the guy that Egypt's president just called him a lunatic. That's some chutzpah.

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