U.S. nuclear industry must heed lesson of Fukushima, says NRC chief


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Agreed the US and other nations should heed the lesson of Fukushima, but let's start at home, shall we? It seems a lot of the citizens of Japan are willing to or expressing the desire to heed the lesson, but the electric companies don't seem to want to do too much.

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And the lesson is...when all else fails, be obfuscate.

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I still find it difficult to believe that the Japanese think they can decontaminate those polluted areas. Impossible. Give it up. You lost.

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Japan is very small so we need to clean up Fukushima ASAP!! We don't have Alaska nor Texas sizes in Japan.

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Would this have been swept under the carpet if Fukushima hadn't happened? Would they not have had a heightened state of monitoring? Who knows. But it just goes to show that complacency exists all over the world. However, it has absolutely no place in the nuclear industry. Get it together you lot.

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Why should America worry about nuclear disasters? The Japanese govt. says you can decontaminate areas by hosing them off with water. So easy.

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U.S. nuclear industry must heed lesson of Fukushima, says NRC chief

Fukushima is now the industry standard of what not to do when building, planning and operating a nuclear powerplant.

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According to NRC estimations, the average risk of a seismic core damage with radiation release is about 1 in 115.000 per year. Assuming an average lifetime of 40 years, the total risk of core damage is 1 in 28 for all 104 reactors. This is the seismic risk only, no other risk factors included such as tsunami, floods, terrorism, human error, plane crashes etc.

Data from and further links from that article.

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