U.S. scientists report whale making human-like voice sounds


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They are saying, "Geeet awaaaaay from me, willllll youuuuuu?"

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Well a "White whale" is more a porpoise than a "whale" and the intelligence level of the smnaller detaceans has always been kn owb to be relatibely high compared to he larger ones. That said even a parrot will make unmistakable "human sounds".

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Yeah, but it's novel nonetheless.

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The whale, named NOC, died five years ago

If you listen carefully you can hear him saying "guys, I'm not joking, I feel really bad".

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I listened and I swear it said "So long and thanks for all the fish". Time to find your towel.

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It will be great when whales start b****ing us out for taking too many fish and demanding better enclosures, temperature adjustments in captivity.

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