U.S. Senate panel approves assault weapons ban


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It's as Dead as a Doornail-D.O.A. If Sen. Feinstein relinquishes her firearms as a sign of Trust in the Gov't. well maybe the rest of the hypocrites in office will follow suit - I Won't!

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At least ten senators have the courage of their convictions and are willing to tell the NRA to stuff it.

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And the rest have the courage of their conviction that passing useless and authoritarian legislation just so you can get a couple of soundbites on MSNBC and a pat on the back from the NY Times serves neither their constituents nor our country.

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I support those who at least have the guts to have a conversation about how much firepower one person should reasonably be allowed to have instead of just rolling over all the time.

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I support those who at least have the guts to have a conversation about how much firepower one person should reasonably be allowed to have instead of just rolling over all the time.

Even if the bill was to passed by both houses and signed by the president this bill does not address the firepower of the gun. It does not address calibers nor does it address the fact that the gun is a semi-automatic.

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Nor does it address the primary problems of guns in the US. People who shouldn't be able to get guns, criminals etc seem to have no problem getting them. Nor do they bother to obey the law regarding registration, and permits. Even worse, many of the existing laws already passed are not enforced. Which rather makes you question why we need additional laws, which will almost certainly be selectively enforced, if at all.

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I forgot to add, that the previous ban on assault weapons did not result in any appreciable decrease in crime rates. Nor did its expiration, result in an increase in crime. The truth is, that these weapons, while powerful, are not used in crimes normally. About the only times they are, is when they are stolen from the law-abiding, legitimate owners.

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One thing that's interesting about these televised debates is the extreme deficit of rational discourse and critical thinking evident. It's very instructive for any students of logic, because the discussions are riddled with logical fallacies.

Cruz uses Strawman and Ad Hominem; Feinstein uses Argument from Incredulity/Ignorance, and False Authority, and those are just two examples - there are many more. What it comes down to is both are simply making assertions: Cruz says "No" and Feinstein says "Yes" - that's it.

Of course, one could question whether there was ever any real intent to hold a debate of any true forensic value; likely not.

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con•ver•sa•tion [kon-ver-sey-shuh n] noun informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk; colloquy.

What we see going on in America is anything but a “conversation”. Contrary to the concept of an “interchange of thoughts, information, etc.” this debate is characterized by competing diatribes put forth by extremist elements on both sides.

If America was to truly engage in a meaningful “National Conversation” on this issue, then a meaningful solution has a much higher likelihood of being achieved. Unfortunately, the currently ongoing propaganda war does little more than polarize public opinion and set one group against another.

If both sides would resist their reflex to demonize, demean and dismiss the position of their opposites, maybe we could move ahead with this.

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The US Gov says all this why they are buying billions of bullets and new guns. =Do as I say and not as I do.

American gun and ammo manufactures are opting-out of selling to the Gov.

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