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U.S. Senate passes defense bill, freezing some Pakistan aid


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No drones No Donations(!) for Pakistan it doesn't matter whether they get aid in US$ or Chinese RMB.

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Freezing money to Pakistan will creates a new genration of militants,it was definately an unwise decision. You know what those clerics lecturing their boys: America using us to kill our brothers, they murder anyone with drones and they lead us to 'poverty' it's their faults without excuse, made them paid,they owed us!

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"The U.S. Senate passed a $662 billion defense bill Thursday that ...approves the indefinite imprisonment of suspected terrorists"

There must be some mistake there. I don't think the Democrats would approve of indefinite detention of suspected terrorists, which in this case maybe even means US nationals.

The Democrat-led Senate voted 86-13 for the Defense Authorization bill, which was passed Wednesday by the House.

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We need to get out from Afganistan and Pakistan. Let them fight within themselves. China has been helping Pakistan. Go figure.

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