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U.S. slaps sanctions on North Korea after Sony hack


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A good start.

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There is not a shred of evidence linking North Korea to the hack. Regardless of what anyone thinks about North Korea, it seems utterly ridiculous that Obama is invoking economic sanctions on one country while removing sanctions on Cuba because sanctions "don't work."

The US is now the mother of all hypocrisy.

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The current regime in the U.S.A. doesn't seem to have any need for old fashioned concepts such as proof.

You can hear the conversation in the white house;

"It was Korea, sir. You see how close they eyes is together? Couldn't get a penny between them, sir."

"Convincing argument, general. Sanctions!"

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Common ordinary people are the ones who'll pay the worse consequences for these sanctions, and there are not even any shared evidences that the hack was made by North Korea. It's really unfair.

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"There is not a shred of evidence linking North Korea to the hack"

Yeah, well, look, Obama needs a pretext to invade North Korea, being as how the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are more or less winding down...

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I think all of us here and especially the SK/Japan/ and the US are sick of NKs antics. Regardless of the nay-sayers here, NK did at least fund and initiate the hacking assault on Sony. The mutliple theater companies in the US turned the film away first instigating Sony's first idea to take out the film. If this were a marketing attempt by Sony Pics it would have blown up in their face even more because the US gov would have eaten them alive for such a foolish attempt at marketing.

If the end results allow the SK government to have Korea unified under their system, I'm pretty sure the US is just rabid enough at NK to do it by force.... Just waiting for NK to do something really stupid again. And even if China were to attempt to step in, they really don't have enough friends willing to back them up due to their multiple territorial disputes in the region.

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Sanctions as a setup to invade a country? The old brain must be getting feeble. Could have sworn that has happened before but I can't quite place the when, why, or who. Can any armchair historians out there help me out?

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Lol. Does anyone really think we will see an invasion of NK in our lifetimes? There's nothing of worth in NK, resources wise, so why would the U.S. Waste money and resources on them. That's the reason nothing has been done about NK for the last 50 years!! If it was all about freeing countries from harsh regimes NK would have been invaded before Iraq. But it's all about the oil!

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Obama is turning to the dark side.....it is easy to say they did it, but now he has to explain how they came to this conclusion. As in the past, we have experienced the George Bush saga saying Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, but inactually they didn't, and yet the U.S chose to go to war. And to this day, for the life of me, I still don't understand why Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize........

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The whole story about this movie and hack looks more like one big publicity stunt orchestrated by the film makers.

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We don't know what the FBI knows. Just because we don't see the evidence doesn't necessarily mean there's no evidence. These happen in diplomacy all the time; for example we're not privy to the extent of the North Korean nuke program but it's there.

However, these punishments are more symbolic than practical. Look, North Korea is already very sanctioned. These new sanctions won't affect the ordinary North Koreans one way or another. North Korea is already on the deep end - a couple more sanctions ain't gonna change much more.

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Is their anything else to sanction? How about sanctioning Dennis Rodman from going back to N. Korea on a visit to see his close friend. That might be the only sanction that would fluster the N. Korean leader.

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"All three of the organizations blacklisted in the Sony case are already under U.S. sanctions for the country’s persistence with its nuclear weapons program, its alleged provocations on the Korean peninsula, and other “continued actions that threaten the United States and others,” as Obama said in his letter."

Sanctioning the already sanctioned? Must have been proclaimed by the Ministry of Redundancy.

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