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U.S. to accelerate deployment of S Korea missile defense


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This has to be done and if China thinks it's a threat they only have themselves to blame. China hasn't put any pressure on NK to stop their belligerent ways.

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China should relax, because the THAAD system can be beaten.

A simple system with pop out flaps and lasers on a Chinese or Russian missile, will make it jump just before impact.........= miss.

Once they go up their very high speed become a liability as they cannot easily maneuver against the incoming missile as the THAAD missiles will break up from very high G force.

China or Russia would rudimentary maneuverable ballistic missile to evade THAAD by milliseconds with pop out flaps / with very high speed Chinese microprocessors. Russian and Chinese engineers will be able to calculate the expected time THAAD will fire once they launch their missiles and make a predetermined maneuver in milliseconds, so THAAD will miss there missiles by a hair, perhaps 20 feet or so. It will be very close, but no kinetic kill.

Just when they think they can stop all missiles from hitting America..........It comes undone :(

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China brought this on to themselves. Really nothing to complain about as you can't blame South Korea for wanting to protect themselves.

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Let NK have their nuke, after all US doesn't really care about SK or Japan, they are just cannon fodder for US government.

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