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U.S. to deploy advanced missile defense system in S Korea


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Excellent Choice by USA and S Korea!

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THAAD cannot be deployed in Korea for political regions; the proposed deployment site is President Park's home turf and the residents there are extremely angry by decision, they vowed to fight back by all means. President Park's rushing to have it deployed before the presidential election in November, but the local opposition plus leftwing activists will ensure it will not be deployed before election, and the newly elected leftwing president will block THAAD deployment because all leftwinger candidates already declared their opposition for THAAD.

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If you cannot see how this will provoke North Korea, trying being in their shoes for a moment. An effective missile defense system allows South Korea to launch an attack with less fear of reprisal. Fear of reprisal is what is keeping the peace on the Korean peninsula.

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They did it to themselves.

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Bet Pyongyang is pissed-off. Good move by US. Appeasing the NK aggression only makes the aggressors more aggressive.

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Tighten the noose a little more. The fridge-raider with the funny haircut will pile on another 30 pounds this year at this rate.

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The North Koreans are only working on nukes and testing missiles because so VERY MANY of them are pointed at North Korea.

A peace treaty is BADLY needed. But of course, those who love this saber-rattling stuff and even war itself will refuse to see any of these realities. North Korea is BY FAR not the only bully in this equation.

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If China had done more to rein in this belligerent regime then THAAD wouldn't be making an appearance on the Korean Peninsula.

China doesn't want anti-ballistic missile batteries nearby - well, the rest of East Asia doesn't want nuclear capable missiles flying through the air every few months.

If China doesn't like it then they need to DO something. They're NK's only supporter.

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Sooner or later, South Korea would've developed a defensive system anyways. They're not dumb - they know a good defense is as important as offense

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China may well help N Korea perfect her ICBM nuke against US. This is the reward for THAAD on S Korea soil. Then N Korea will trade this technology with Iran for oil. Pentagon not too smart.

With better ICBM technology from China, Japan too will be more threatened by this THAAD deployment which is really more focused on defending US bases in S Korea than Koreans. Make no mistake, US look out for her own boys first, not Koreans. All the talk of protecting S Koreans should be kept in perspective. Protect US personnels first, S Koreans last.

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China may well help N Korea perfect her ICBM nuke against US.

NK is not even listening to China anymore - they didn't even give China the courtesy of a heads up that they were going to do a nuke test (and that really peeved China). The last thing China wants would be to give their nuke tech to someone they can't completely control anymore.

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N Korea do what she need to do for self preservation. She is not China's puppet. China do what she got to do to force US to de Pivot From Asia. US is pushing her luck by moving THAAD so close to the Chinese border.

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China Friday said it strongly opposed deployment of the system and warned that it would “seriously damage” regional security in northeast Asia.

Why would China be surprised at closer surveillance of its rabid puppet on the peninsula? Let China take better responsibility and they would have less to cry wold about.

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