U.S. troops punished over Koran burning, urination video


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This nutty behavior reminds me of the Vietnam war, when Americans saw on prime time news, the video footage of a poor VC getting his brains blown out by a South Vietnamese guy, and that is when Americans knew the war had been lost. My guess, now, with the internet, American soldiers pissing on dead Talibani, burning their holy books etc..points to the same frustration at being stuck in a no win situation out there in Afghanistan. IMHO.

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Nobody died............... well, that's not already dead anyways................

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How do you respect a man enough not to pee on him, but not enough to not kill him? Its a paradox that makes my head hurt!

The only thing I want to know was if they were armed and fighting or not before killed and peed on. I have never seen that almighty important question actually answered. As far as I know, those guys were just walking down the street in their own country minding their own business.

And burning the Koran is a subtle combination of ignorant and stupid, pretty much your average military recruit. So what can we expect?

I would have no problem throwing the lot to the wolves, but its part of the reason why I will never be a leader of a military. I have zero respect for most members of militaries, because usually, none is warranted. Which is why they crave it so much and join militaries to get it!

If more people were like me, there could never be another war. But when people respect soldiers it guarantees we have more.

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The soldiers concerned should have been court-martialed - they put the lives of their comrades at risk, and some paid the ultimate price.

Elbudda, the VC shot by the South Vietmamese Officer was killed after he and his comrades had killed a South Vietnamese Officer and his entire family. Not a 'Poor VC' by any means.

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Marines urinating on corpses, I do not agree with. But in war just about anything goes and this is a dirty war. One minute your best friend is alive and talking to you and in the next minute, he is dead and gone. It takes it toll after a while. As far as the burning of the Koran, my understanding from some reports, it was an accident, I know that this story said other wise. Any way that you look at it, I am tired of our Goverment kissing veryones ass when something like this happens. We sit home here in America and see our young men and woman dieing for a country that could give a shit less about Americans. Policial correctness is killing this country, you cannot say anything because you might offen someone. For: AlternateUniverse and Star-viking, it is the military men and woman that are willing to fight for your freedom that gives you the right to post your remarks. It is called freedom of speech. Try doing that in other country's, Look at the 17 people that were just killed in Afghanistan this week, just for danceing, Is this the type of country you want to live. I do not think so..............

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Nothing excuses what was done, but the double standards in this should become clear. The US is obligated to hold itself to a standard (on the international stage) that their opponents don't think twice about ignoring and trampling on. Please let us know the compassion and attention these extremists have shown to the geneva convention and rules of engagement and why they should not be condemned for their actions which do not limit them to such standards.

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The military did not disclose precise punishments for the troops but Army and Marine Corps spokesmen said they fell into a category that includes administrative sanctions, like a reduction in rank or forfeiture of pay.

I'd reduce their rank to sub-human. I don't think anything an enemy does excuses this behavior to any extent. Your behavior reflects your values, and these people have no values. If there is a rank for cretins, they've earned it.

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Policial correctness is killing this country, you cannot say anything because you might offen someone.

What's killing the country is a lack of integrity and a lack of civilized behavior. Marines have a standard to uphold, and every Marine I've met does care when somebody drags their image through the mud as these jerks have done. It's not about offending someone - it's about holding yourself to a high standard. Let this slide, let that slide - it's all downhill if you take that path.

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But the administrative punishments fell short of criminal prosecution and it was unclear whether they would satisfy Afghan demands for justice

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say no.

While I object to intentional slights like this, it seems hypocritical to me that you would believe in a soul and care what happens to a body after death.

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I know it won't satisfy the Afghani demands for justice, cos I'm pretty sure it involves the execution of those soldiers for "blaspheming" Islam by destroying the qur'an.

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