U.S. warns of rising threat from al-Qaida in Iraq


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Not surprised. Was chaotic for a several years now. US needed to leave but not as abruptly as we did.

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Under Saddam there wasn't any Al-Qaeda in Iraq! Under US dominance suddenly there is??? Billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost and it's mission fail?

If so, the entire US army should be replaced!

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Al-Qaeda in Iraq, brought to you by courtesy of the united state of america. Coming to you soon, more terror and mayhem in the newly democratic countries of Libya and Egypt. But stable and non-threatening Iran is really the problem because they have invaded how many countries in the last 500 years? That's right, zero. On the other hand, peace loving, democracy spreading america........

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Rising threat? What a totally ridiculous statement. Us policy seems to be predicated on creating fear and tension. They are, after all, the ones who created this whole mess in the first place.

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SimonB: But stable and non-threatening Iran is really the problem

Once Iran gets nukes the worry is that other Middle Eastern countries will follow. If you think the situation in Egypt and Syria are bad, just imagine the same situation with nukes on the ground. And Iran is only stable as long as most of the religious fundamentalism points in the same direction.

how many countries in the last 500 years?

Does funding attacks in Lebanon count? Does funding and training for Palestinian terrorists count? Does the war with Iraq count? Does supplying Afghan with weapons count? Does blowing up Israelis in Argentina count? Does supplying Assad count? You're obviously trying to paint Iran as some kind of nice guy. The only reason why is because it helps you make some other point.

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I agree with SimonB, Iran hasn't done anything at all. It is always painted as a dangerous country with presumably deadly weapons. But have we ever seen them? No. It reminds me of the weapons of mass destructions in Irak. Instead of everyone going against Iran, they should work with Iran, then all the problems would be solved.

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Iran is a peace loving country, misunderstood by the Western World! We need to look at the world from the Teheran eye's! Poor Shiites are being killed all over Iraq the Sunni Muslims so we can not blame Iran for wanting to give their brothers in Iraq a bit of help against the Sunnis. We should also over look that Iran helped blow up the Israeli embassy down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Only the USA is evil!! Only Iran is misunderstood all around the world! They needed to blow up the Jewish Culture Center in Buenos Aires to prove how misunderstood they really are, right??

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"Under Saddam there wasn't any Al-Qaeda in Iraq!"

No, they were happy with how things were going there.

"If for the last 60 years America had stayed home and left the world alone"

There would have been millions of more deaths due to starvation, disease, etc.

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