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U.S. warns of 'overwhelming' response to any N Korean use of nuclear weapons


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That's the way. Use rhetoric that they can understand.

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Looks like China and Russia have a vested interest in stopping North Korea.

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The plans for THAAD have angered China and Russia, which see it as a threat to their own defense.

China in particular has had every opportunity to remove this threat over the past 30 years.

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Let WW3 began, all North Asia and Japan will become wasteland so will part of China, US will not get off easily either. there happy warmonger.

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Good allies help protect them!!

200 laser weapons will stop 3,800 rounds a min. NK can only fire 2,600 artillery and missiles a min, with the last attack on the island showing a 25% dud round rate.

All America has to do is put 200 laser weapons near Seoul now, to stop the city from being banged up.

NK can't fire nuclear weapons so this story is silly.

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NK can't fire nuclear weapons so this story is silly.

It's not about the weapons they possess, it's about the weapons they are trying to acquire.

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America can not use nuclear weapons on North Korea! Japan is in the fallout zone and their attack on North Korea would kill millions of Japanese and make ten of millions more gravely ill.

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@Haaa Nemui? They have them

As you said, not the ability to fire them... they are trying to acquire that ability which would turn it into a much more threatening weapon.

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No one's gonna be using nukes in such a tight piece of over-crowded real estate - if they did it'd make Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima look like a tea party. The fallout alone would have severe impact on the whole northern hemisphere, not just Korea.

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There is no way the United States could defeat North Korea without the use of Nuclear Weapons and I doubt we would use them - well, unless Trump becomes President. We can't even win against scruffy ISIS members. Would be a long fight and our forces are totally tired out from fighting wars. A dangerous situation me thinks, but I don't think NK will attack. They just want attention.

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@Haa Nemul they have been for 5 years now. They need to make the detonating explosives 1,000 times smaller then the underground nuclear test. That could take over 10 years to learn.

What i am saying is we can counter them if war starts. 200 laser weapons will stop all there weapons from hitting SEOUL in a fight.

If we can stop them, then why haven't we counted it yet at a small cost of $2 billion.

We are not going to stop them and that is already proof 5 years on.

Let them test some more too they have 1 left then attack in small numbers.

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That still doesn't make the article silly.

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It's silly like reporting all them American gun attacks.

If nothing is going to change, then stop reporting it.

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