U.S. welcomes Pakistani warlord's death in drone strike


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Pakistani Muslims are killing lots of own muslims in there country and they blame west or Christians for it. Why these muslims are like this??

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killed in a drone strike?? mean assasinated without trial...

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killed in a drone strike?? mean assasinated without trial...


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Yep, Killed, Dead by a drone. Yet, Japan has Ospreys. No worries, it is safe.

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Obama can not stop the Jihad by remote-controlled murders in foreign countries. It is a dead end and a foolish illusion. The press should stop celebrating this illegal foolishness.

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Bush never had the brains nor the BALLS to say, how about using them nice shiny new drones, and instead sent young men and women to go get killed off to avenge the death threats that Saddam Hussein, but my guess Bush Jr kind of forgot his dad, the American CIA etc..also helped Saddam Hussein paid them lots of $$$ to fight a war against Iran. So hey, at least our president OBAMA does have both the brains and balls to use them shiny drones to go after these terrorists.

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Elbuda, we all know how much you hate GWB, and like to blame him for everything. BUT, what you fail to realize or comprehend is that in due time, all the assassinations via drone are going to come back on not only Obama but also on Americans because it's karma.

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Let me add to that since Obama suspended terrorist interrogations, we have to give them civil lawyers and try them in civil courts thus burdening the taxpayer even more, the best and sensible thing for this President to do is just bomb the hell out of them, quick, job done and don't have to worry about who did what and why? This is every liberals dream, just wash your hands with it.

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BassFunk, I agree with your comment of just bombing the hell out of the enemies, but I really doubt this is only a LIBERAL dream. Yes Herve, I know it is bad karma to blow up people, very, very bad karma, scary but what do you suggest?? Send in a couple hundred thousand troops and make even more horrible karma??

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