U.N. Security Council finds no breakthrough on India-Pakistan row


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And the US, tied to Pakistan but wanting to curry favor with India, is staying clear of it.

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Will Pakistan threaten to use it's Nuclear arsenal ? (Assuming it really has one)... and if so, what would it be likely to target ? How would India counter such a threat - do they have the ability to shoot down any incoming Missiles ?

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If Pakistan were to target Mumbai that would have a huge Global repercussion... due to the amount of Tech. Offshoring that goes to that location as well as Bangalore. Maybe dropping those names as targets would get more Global attention to the matter ?

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Bhindian defense ministry just said they might take uturn on no first use policy for nuclear weapons.

Is it sign they gave up on conventional war?

Any thing more funny than little skirmishes on border will impact whole world.

Hope we don't see full scale war. That will be ugly. But nationalist and fasict regime are on rise. Aka modi.

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