U.S. launches campaign to erode support for Iran's leaders


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Told ya,

Now that NK is out of the picture, the US war machine is starting to pivot towards Israel's main enemy.


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Americans wetting themselves about Russian meddling should understand why most of the world could care less.

Reuters can always be relied on to selectively parse history, as if pre-1979 Iran never existed. As if the US didn't orchestrate a coup against a democratically elected leader in 1953, installing the Shah as a puppet to better facilitate oil profits being funneled to Anglo-American companies. IOW, the revolution happened for a reason, the Shah's brutal reign principal among them.

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Another chapter straight out of the CIA manual, plus pressure from the real America, Israel.

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U.S. launches campaign to erode support for Iran's leaders

Shouldn't that read

"U.S. re-launches for the 55th time campaign to erode support for Iran's leaders"?

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Guess now that they're finished with our enemies in NATO and the EU, they can turn their attention back to the country in which they first staged a coup in in 1953, where the first democratically elected leader in the Middle East was deposed by the CIA and MI6. So much winning...

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Some of the information the administration has disseminated is incomplete or distorted, the current and former officials said.

Revealing, for the umpteenth time in living memory, why American hysteria over Russian 'meddling' in the US election is such an unrestrained exercise in hypocrisy...

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A different form of war, in a sense, but propaganda warfare has been around for centuries. It's just easier now, but a lot more fraught with retaliation.

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Pot-kettle-black....bitch and moan about Russia meddling in US politics but then jumping in against Iran.

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This is the same US that is getting its knickers in a twist about some Russian efforts to influence elections, is it ?...

Just wanted to make sure. Hypocrisy manual 101.

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I look forward to coverage of American collusion hearings from Teheran. Uncle Sam is the Great Satan making him more evil than Putin.

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So...meddling in america, BAD, meddling in other countries, good?

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Should any American citizen come out in support of Iran? Nope. But they will, as part of partisan politics and to protect what Obama did.

A partisan has the inability to see the motivations of others as anything other than partisanship.

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Right. That’s why Obama’s deferrent actions towards an actual enemy of the USA isn’t “treason” but press conference comments by Trump supposedly is. Liberal partisanship.

Thank you for proving my point by showing you can’t even conceive that there may be other reasons than partisanship.

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U.S. officials familiar with the matter said

Frankly, I don't have a whole lot of belief in articles such as this that are based on anonymous sources.

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Why try to reinvent the wheel? The world community already had a denuclearization deal in place with Iran, and Trump unilaterally scuttled it.

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Washington has long called Iran the world's leading "state sponsor of terrorism"

Whilst ignoring Iran's nemesis, Saudi Arabia, who were behind 9/11. Well, not quite ignoring. Doing billion dollar deals with and arming them.


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