U.S. military tracking Santa - and any 'Christmas gift' from North Korea

By Keith Coffman

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NORAD’s Santa-tracking tradition started in 1955 when a Colorado Springs department store misprinted the phone number to the North Pole in a newspaper advertisement, according to its website.

The first call came from a little girl and went to U.S. Air Force Colonel Harry Shoup, director of what was then known as the Continental Air Defense Command.

The colonel assured the girl that Santa was on en route, and when more children called the command center, the military added a new task to its defense mission.

Thanks to the department store's mistake and the alert kids, NORAD has been performing this very important task. Ho Ho Ho!

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Great use of taxpayer money!

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Should something be launched. I think and would expect it to fail or blow up on the launch pad to due U.S. sabotage or even an intercept & shoot down this time. If something is not done. What message does that bring?

Of course collectively speaking. Being the U.S. Japan, South Korea taking responsibility collectively for such an action.

Make it happen if they launch that Chritmas gift. Let's reciprocate with a Chritmas gift of our own right back at our dear leader.

A stand will have to be made. Enough is enough. I have enjoyed not having rockets falling in the sea of Japan. It's been great.

As far as all the Santa stuff. Cute.

Merry Christmas to all you Japan Today followers and readers!

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Very interesting. An interesting time in America as well.
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Re: Article: While the North American Aerospace Defense Command stays alert for any signs of a North Korea missile launch – what officials in Pyongyang have described as a "Christmas gift" – it is also tracking the legendary figure who delivers presents to children across the world, the command said on Monday.

If the image attached to this article are the trackers of missile launches, I don't blame if even the Russians or Chinese conduct a launch themselves. This bunch does not by any means seem like the right folks for the job and actually gives no real comfort in their me old fashioned but I would expect a lot more for my tax payer money.

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Great use of taxpayer money!

The Norad Santa team are volunteers. Here's the website you can follow along as well with as I do every year:-)

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Haha or rather Ho Ho Ho.

Look at this hum-buggery!

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My girls (the ones who still believe in Santa) absolutely love tracking Santa's progress on Norad's Santa tracker.

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We were always taught not to touch, not to open a corner, and not to second-guess our Christmas presents.

Just enjoy whatever Kim delivers.

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North Korean Santa flies over Japan, that's for sure.

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Samit Basu

North Korean Santa flies over Japan, that's for sure.

Keep those predictions coming. As we all know, predictions are the best reality check. Wrong prediction = not credible

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