Harris touts $3.2 billion investment aimed at stemming Central America migration

By Daina Beth Solomon, Ted Hesson and Matt Spetalnick

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Bob, you are probably right. An electric fence and a minefield would have been more cost effective and probably worked better. Perhaps backed up with armed drone surveillance.

Still, a mere 3 billion is chump change. Considering that "Kammy from the Valley" has been on the case for more than a year, there has been absolutely no progress in solving this issue. Thousands are still coming, mysterious flights at midnight are still ferrying illegals around the country...

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The wall is one of the biggest and dumbest mistakes from a long list of big dumb mistakes. Billions wasted on a few miles of ineffective railings.

But trying to convince supporters of the wall that they were tricked at this late stage is like trying to talk to flat earthers.

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3.2 billion to beg them not to come vs 2 billion to make sure they can’t.

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With the money being p1ssed away on Ukraine, you could build a border wall AND have plenty left for a Southern Marshall Plan.

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Harris touts $3.2 billion investment aimed at stemming Central America migration:

After 16 months, now she is talking about migration.

She chose to remain silent on & purposely shun from the migrant issues when given the task to deal with them at the south border.

Real smart?

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are we paying them "not to come" again, knowing they will come anyway?

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Avenger,the same can be said about money sent to Ukraine, Tokyolivng Mexican whether their legal or not legal,they have a say so about their lives in America

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Removing sanctions will be a good start. The only thing that can save South American economies is Chinese investment.

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Putting out the fires of other countries when their own is burning..

Anyway it is something inevitable, many third worlders still believe that the US is the "promised land", an overrated title for today..

The funny thing is to see how Mexicans continue to fill the territory that once belonged to them 200 years ago..

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I can understand wanting to help other countries in the region but only after we have fixed the many issues we have here at home. That should start with inflation, supply chain, securing the border and being tough on crime. We need to put our effort on our country as it needs help. Then we can look to help others.

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More like 40 billion,their need are more pressing than Ukraine,save us money in the long run

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