Uber chief apologizes for comment about murder of Saudi journalist Khashoggi

By Philip Pacheco

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Did Uber mistakenly put a bone saw on a self-driving car and it killed and dismembered someone, disposed of the body, and then lied about it when confronted with unequivocal evidence? Because I missed that story.

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When one is the king of a repressive regime and humans appear as ants in one's own personal little ant farm, and one squishes one and finds out the collective action of the other ants hurting one's power, influence and cash flow, that's exactly what one calls it: "a mistake".

I think the man was simply calling the decision and order to carry out the murder a political mistake, which it was, on nearly all fronts. Of course he also does not want to annoy the man with the single most power to destroy Uber investments in Saudi Arabia, so he has to condemn the decision in mild terms.

You cannot say anything anymore without someone taking umbrage. Even compliments get twisted into a "Are you suggesting some other aspect is lacking?" sort of response. Its getting old.

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