Uber loses license in London over safety


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While Uber is incredibly useful, it's been taking a lot of hits over the recent years. This move by London wasn't surprising. Their pay which began well became criminally low after they started making more money. Then their lack of due diligence in properly vetting their employees and executives also kept costing them. Rape seemed like a common theme for the company from the top down.

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They screwed that up eh, I don't think it'll make any inroads into Japan

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Strange that Uber operates in 18 other UK cities. Maybe London's black cab lobby doesn't like the competition.

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Good riddance.

Uber doesn't bother vetting drivers, do criminal record checks or makes sure they have insurance. Allowing anyone to access the site to get customers is shocking. The number if sexual assaults by Uber driver is on the rise.

Maybe London's black cab lobby doesn't like the competition.

There speaks someone who is ignorant of the subject. Uber fail to meet basic regulatory requirements, nothing to do with other cabbies. TfL are obliged to protect the public in this way.

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Let’s see. Uber gets rich off the backs of drivers and avoids basic regulation. Uber bears none of the liability for accidents or other safety issues. Ubers clog up traffic. No thanks.

Face facts, people. The whole thing is a scam to exploit workers using new and insufficiently regulated technology. The plan they sold to professional investors was that they would go global, dominate the market, and eventually, fire all the drivers, replacing them with robot cars. Uber is not a "ride share." One does not carpool to work using Uber. Uber is a taxi.

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Ridiculous! I'm nt a fan of Uber but please. What a bunch of BS. Smells of a political payoff or are these same standards going to apply to black cabs also.

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Smells of a political payoff or are these same standards going to apply to black cabs also.

More wilful ignorance. Uber is allowing unregistered drivers to use their website. Uber allowed 14,000 uninsured journeys this year. Uber does not check their drivers of their background. Uber allows drivers that have been sacked or are prevented by law from working, such as the one who has a conviction for possessing child pornography, to register on their site.

Black cabs and their drivers are subject to more stringent and higher standards.

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Smells of a political payoff or are these same standards going to apply to black cabs also.

Smells like some folks cant read articles before commenting!

This let them pick up passengers as though they were the booked Uber driver on at least 14,000 trips, which means all those journeys were uninsured, Transport for London said.

Some passengers also traveled with unlicensed drivers, including one whose license was previously revoked by Transport for London.

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“ a change to Uber’s systems that allowed unauthorized drivers to upload their photos to other driver accounts”

This is vague. By “allowed” does it mean Uber knowingly made this change on purpose? Or was it an accidental, unforeseen glitch? Either way, in my opinion it would make Uber unfit, but I’m curious as to which it is.

Invalid CSRF

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