UK's Boris Johnson awaits judgment of 'partygate' report


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There were more photos released yesterday of Boris at a party that wasn't a party, he didn't attend. The shameless liar needs to go. However, the "partygate" scandal is the biggest vote getter for the opposition so maybe leave him in until the next election?

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Johnson may now be saved by Aslef, a rail union that is in the process of declaring war on the travelling public.

The government renationalised the railways during the pandemic, so (inevitably) they will now collapse into endless strikes.

In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, fresh from flying to America to lecture people on climate change, and recently caught breaking facemask rules, has just drastically reduced Scottish rail services, curfewing rail travel for many at 8pm. Folk will now switch to their cars (more emissions than trains) or suffer. That makes the SNP an easy target for Johnson.

In England, post-pandemic Brits are a lot quicker to get angry than they used to be. A large rail strike may see things get violent and ugly between unions/strikers and the general public. In the past, people have just suffered, but union rhetoric to bring the nation to a halt sounds more like Putin than a force for social justice. Lots of people use the trains - whilst they cannot have a go at Putin, they can have a go at Aslef and their members, and may choose to. Labour will be expected to fall in behind Aslef, and Johnson can surf public anger against the rail unions, trashing the opposition and the SNP as he goes. The timing is perfect.

Johnson escaped his last mess by dropping all Covid rules and letting the virus pass through hosts, which is did. It was a shrewd and popular move. Omicron arrived at just the right time. If he avoids any restrictions over monkeypox (which is not the problem Covid was) it will also help his cause.

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The clown

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He will stay in office, and his critics will continue to be annoyed. They will not be able to remove him. He is certainly in the wrong, but it clearly doesn’t matter.

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> YrralToday  09:09 am JST

The clown

A clod, he's disgraced himself enough already. He even had CoVid in 2020 and survived yet he pulled this stupid idiotic stunt anyway. He should know better.

Resign. Bozo. You botched up bigtime.

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Yes, shows how our rulers despise us and that they always knew Covid wasn't a deadly virus. But still this whole Partygate thing is now being beaten to excess. He won't go. Still feels like end of days for Tories with all the sleaze and sexual allegations and this and more.

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Yes, shows how our rulers despise us and that they always knew Covid wasn't a deadly virus


The pathetic comedy of Johnson’s ministers trying to defend Johnson’s meeting with Sue Gray while she was working on the report has been non-stop this week.

Characters like Johnson have an ability to make others humiliate themselves.

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PartyGate, BeerGate?

There is a unprecedented cost of living crisis, consumer price inflation, energy poverty.

The never ending war in Ukraine, EU UK ever deteriorating relationship descending into a possible trade war.

Putin media broadcasters threatening the end of humanity.

And the main headline, breaking news, is who broke Covid restrictions and subsequently received a a 50 quid FPN.

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The expectation that a politician will “do the right thing” is much more amusing than anything Johnson can think of.

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As the previous comment says.

He has lied to the people of the UK ( numerous times).

He has lied to the Queen.

He has lied to parliament.

He has lied to the E.U. over an international agreement.

He has lied to the people of Northern Ireland threatening a long established peace.

And he and his lackeys attempt to besmirch any opposition.

They latest being Sue Gray.

Nothing more to say

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