Johnson urges end to Northern Ireland deadlock; spars with EU


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Give Ireland back to the Irish.

End the occupation.

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"Johnson urges end to Northern Ireland deadlock"????

He is the one causing it-by pandering to the irrational DUP.

BTW, not just Sinn Fein and the SDLP but also the Alliance Party ( with a massive 14 seats) and even the Official Unionist Party (in other words everyone but the DUP) are ready to proceed with the new administration. The DUP are just sour that Catholics and a variety of dissenters fed up with the imposition of medieval DUP bigotry are on the ascendancy and want to live like a normal society in a free 21st century.

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Yeah ...that Brexit deal isn't working out so good is it

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Perfidious "Big Dog" Boris may yet be remembered by the EU for his full-English Brexit followed by an "oven-ready" break up of the UK. Whatever, I expect they'll all have to beg Brussels to let them back in.

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Johnson can urge the Unionists and Nationalists to come together a form an administration.

Johnson cannot force the issue.

The Belfast Agreement never took into account a scenario that the UK would exit the EU. Read it

The Belfast Agreement

The Agreement created a new power-sharing arrangement, including an Executive and Assembly, and was based on a series of fundamental principles including:

The parity of esteem of both communities

The principle of consent underpinning Northern Ireland’s constitutional status

The birthright of the people of Northern Ireland to identify and be accepted as British or Irish, or both, and to hold both British and Irish citizenship.

Politically the point now has been reached where the can cannot be kicked down the road or the issue thrown into the long grass.

When Johnson signed the withdrawal agreement a fuse was lit, that is now weeks away from detonation.

The Belfast Agreement has handed the methodology for the DUP to force the Johnsons government to act.

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painkillerToday  07:11 am JST

Give Ireland back to the Irish.

End the occupation.

As an Englishman I wish it was that simple. It will happen eventually but to avoid civil bloodshed it has to happen naturally over perhaps another generation or 2.

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Maybe to understand where we have come is to comprehend the history.

A tad bite sized but clear in its content.

The Troubles: five historical back stories...2019

Personally I believe in unity of purpose in Ireland, communities are still divided.

This division cannot just be wished away.

The Belfast agreement must be politically separated from the withdrawal agreement NI protocol.

Treaty justice/peace or a breach of International law is not as straight forward as one like to believe.

Johnson government has a history of sitting on there hand hoping issues will just melt away, there is also the toxic subject of legacy legislation , a subject not for this thread.

The death of the NI protocol will be a end game, that will pit the UK Government in direct conflict with the EU commission.

Boris Johnson is adaptive in his ability to pass/unburden his political soul, to cushion his unwillingness to fully take responsibility for his actions.

He has chosen his timing to apportion blame.


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The NI proposal ?

Do me a favor, this is the reality on the ground. give Ireland back to the Irish?

Ireland has always been Irish Just are more Irish than ours.

100 years on: How do today’s Loyalist teenagers see their Northern Irish identity?

Ten minutes of your time.

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If Brexit is chalenging such Peace agreements then Brexit has to change not those Peace agreements, because they came first and they are politically/sociologically absolutely crucial to keeping the peace, whereas Brexit is an economic option.

Also the current situation regarding imorts/exports was a compromise that the EU made to facilitate the UK, which itself presented it as a solution.

It looks like the EU is coming around to realising that the British government are taking the you know what out of them.

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