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UK's Labour vows to bring down Johnson and lead temporary government

By Kate Holton

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I am really starting to wonder whether Corbyn is doing this all deliberately because he wants Brexit.

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No, Brexit is a Stalemate.... UK Politicians are indecisive and have caused all this problem in the first place.

They say they want a deal, but wont accept the one that was worked on. EU says it wont renegotiate a new deal... so where do you go from there ?]

Give Northern Ireland back to Ireland ? .... this seems the only option to break the impasse, since other pseudo options have been rejected.

Perhaps the Queen should take over the Rule of Law and disband Parliament ? Or Simply within her rights refuse to partake in any Royal duty - which would... effectively (apparently) close down (& Legally) any UK Government changes....

The US Democrats with their Threats relating to the Good Friday Agreement... can be construed as support for Terrorist activities in case of a breakdown in discussions.... in which case all Democrat Party members should be held account and tried in Court as Supporting Terrorism.... plain and simple.

I hope people calm down, and view a reasonable approach on how to handle this choice.

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BTW... Corbyn appears to be what he is....

What many call a "Leftist" Politician... seemingly because he is one who wishes to listen to the views of the "Opposite" side, even if they are being seen as "Terrorists" by the "Opposite" Side.

I respect him for that.

He's at least trying to make an informed "self-educated" judgement...

If he comes up with one that he can't properly explain to our liking,

then in the UK,

we at least, have the Democratic right of not voting for him (and his party)... plain and simple.

I would relish the opportunity to invite him for a private Family Dinner... as that can sometimes tell you a lot about a Person (outside) of their Public life... and Public life is mostly fake anyway... just look to U-Tube/Instagram for examples of that. I try to avoid being dictated to by the Press, and look between the lines, or what is being written... but it's clearly getting hard to do this these days.. how do you determine what is "Fake" news and what is "Real" news... Certainly in China (Shanghai)... first hand experience, has shown me, Real News (an event), can be turned to Fake by "Official" sources.... which certainly confuses matters for the Individual.

My thoughts above for "Corbyn" also apply to any "Politician" .. though Tokyo is a bit off the track for most UK ones these days,and I don't really know what those who came hoped to achieve really... waste of UK public payers money... a Video Conference call would have been more appropriate - and if the UK wishes to promote itself as a Centre of "Tech"... clearly more appropriate and "topically" ... "Environmentally Friendlier".

That message may not have reached some...

On that, environmental issue.. I also wonder however, if this "upstart".... "Greta Thunberg" is seeking some kind of Martyrdom through her voyage to the US in a Sail boat... should she be succumbed to the Seas, we will probably hear that this was due to Global Warming... (not like it's never happened before), and her efforts alone to draw attention to a phenomenon known as "Global Warming" outweigh those of other "Protesters".... ) .

Proper Environmentalists can demonstrate impact, and have dedicated their lives to doing so, and should be listened to as "Authorities" upon the subject matter in their Field of experience. Why should she ... reap the benefits of $, from their Work, simply because she's a "Young Person using Social Media" ? I can understand the like of "Richard Atternberg" being happy to see her as connecting to Young people... but Folks.. please. She is nothing other than the current "Statue of Liberty" to the cause. Do not, please, forget those, who are doing the actual hard work of proving the issue.

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Jeremy Corbyn desperately wanted to be PM and begging other minority party to support him. He has offered for a second referendum in return for support him and let him be a caretaker Prime Minister. British peoples had voted for divorce from EU.

Poor Jeremy Corbyn. He has no clue about why he and his Labor Party haven't won the election.

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