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UK PM woos voters with tax cuts and home ownership

By Benjamin CREMEL and Peter HUTCHISON

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quote: We are the party of Margaret Thatcher.

Total BS. Thatcher won the UK a heap of concessions from the EU that placed it in an economic sweet spot. The current Tory halfwits binned them all, destroyed Sterling and hammered the economy. Thatcher would be spinning in her grave to be name-checked by today's incompetent Tory party.

quote: the party of the property-owning democracy.

More BS. They broke Sterling creating an inflationary spiral and then drove a knife into the middle classes by increasing interest rates, pretending that it was a joystick to reduce inflation.

quote: halve record levels of immigration.

Idiotic. UK industry and services are starved of workers. Farmers are setting aside land as meadows because they can no longer hire workers to harvest crops. The current immigration levels are boosted by people escaping Ukraine and HK. Stirring up race hatred by demonising the relatively small number coming across from France just shovels votes to Farage.

quote: He accused Labour of wanting to increase the tax burden on households.

They could not possibly increase taxes by more than the Tories have done. And taking Sterling down 25% at Brexit made everyone in the UK 25% poorer.

Nobody expects much from Labour, and very few of any of the policies offered in recent weeks will actually happen. Offers of thousands of dental/GP appointments, child care, health care or anything else is impossible as the UK doesn't have the staff any more. We just want to get the grossly incompetent Tories out before they do any more damage. If there is actually anything left for them to break.

Nothing will improve in the UK for a decade, perhaps for the foreseeable future. We just don't want it to get even worse.

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Promises, Promises. A 1983 hit song by Naked Eyes. And what we're hearing here from this guy. And it's a LOT less entertaining.

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He’s inevitability hobbled by the fact his party has been in power for 9 years ( 14 if you count the coalition years ).

The question of why the Tories didn’t address this before or why previous promises weren’t made good on is the obvious question.

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The man is totally deluded, I think he may have actually turned insane.

The more he speaks the madder he seems, for now the Tories are doomed to obscurity.

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In full: Rishi Sunak launches Tory manifesto


Both France and UK have similar challenges, high interest rate, cuts in social welfare, illegal immigration, in the UK the need for health service reforms.

My UK family simply don't believe word of it.

A majority 18/30 year olds feel nothing but betrayal.

Every time I hear "Margret Thatcher" the ideology of Thatcherism, the monetarist dogma, sneering individualism over protecting/supporting one community I cringe.

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Both Sunak and Starmer will butt heads again UK time tonight....

The Battle For Number 10 Leaders Special Event, Wednesday 12 June 7pm-10pm on Sky News - free wherever you get your news.


I will post a link tomorrow if full coverage if posted on YouTube etc

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I will post a link tomorrow if full coverage if posted on YouTube etc

Nice one. Appreciated.

Polls not shifting. I think the Tories are hoping those saying they’d vote Reform will listen to ‘Vote Reform, get Labour’.

There is a concerted effort to turbo charge tactical voting. The people flogging this have got some big names in their sights - Rees-Mogg, Mordaunt, Hunt, Badenoch and…Sunak himself.

Not good news for Sunak - could be more damaging than Farage’s shouting without serious policies.

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Jimizo I could not finish twenty minutes of Rishi manifesto.

The electorate has been subjected to promises/pledges before, for the last decade plus.

Reform or Rewound ?

All a pretence, Nigel Farage offers a future that simply reflects a past the 21st century has moved on from .

Starmer, if the polling is accurate, taking into account the margin of error, will be UK next Prime Minster.

It will be interesting to watch this debate after all the D Day controversy.

Both Sunak and Starmer will have taken away the previous acrimonious encounter.

Starmer accuses Sunak of ‘desperately lying’ in leaders debate


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There is a huge chasm, a social political divide in UK parliamentary democracy.

The electorate are presented manifestos that rarely progress, equate to anything more than a verbal optical illusion. a pipe dream, falsehood.

The pandemic brought UK people into the brutal realism of families having to mourn the loss of 232,112 loved ones.

Still awaiting the results of an inquiry.

To then face a cost of living crisis, energy for the most venerable in society, the old shivering in the cold.

I sanctioned all costs for UK based Eastern European employees to return home to attend funerals, the relatives implored me to think again, forty eight died from contracting covid because in many cases they could not return.

This General Election must hold accountable all politicians from all parties.

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Ok the "debate" has begun the format appears not to be a strait forward head to head.....

Starmer first.


Scroll forwards to avoid the ads etc.

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