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UK's Trident nuclear-deterrent missile system misfires during test

By William James and Kate Holton

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And so they intend to be a rival to Russia and China??..

What a circus, LOL

Amazing the endless disdain you show for democracies - including Japan who is fully aligned to them - and aligning yourself with Communist China and Fascist Russia. Yet, for unknown reasons, choose to live in Tokyo.

Why not live in the unquestionable paradise that is modern China - or Russia?

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TokyoLivingToday 08:04 am JST

And so they intend to be a rival to Russia and China??..

What a circus, LOL

That's okay. We have stealth bombers to drop dumb bombs on Peking and Moscow if we have to.

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The US successfully tested a trident in 2021, btw.

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A lot of information is missing from the article. From reading other accounts of this mishap, the Vanguard was off the coast of Georgia. The US Atlantic Fleet base for the US Navy's Trident equipped SSBNs is Kings Bay Georgia. Since the ship fired a test missile with no warhead was the test missile a US asset loaded on Vanguard at Kings Bay? Or was it a test asset loaded at the Royal Navy's base at Clyde? Or was it a live war shot removed from Vanguard at Kings Bay and converted into a test missile by the US? Either way it appears the submarine operated correctly. The missile left the tube and reached the surface but the solid fuel rocket motor malfunctioned.

The missile was almost certainly recovered and taken apart to see what failed, though there probably won't be a public announcement saying what went wrong as it would almost certainly involve something classified.

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Quality of U.S.A these days....

What can you expect more? Britian is the only major nuclear power that rely on foreign made SLBMs through "Special Relationship" with U.S. She couldn't produce such weapon by her own !

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Someone needs to coax the UK into the 21st century and inform London that it's a fourth rate colonial police force.

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And so they intend to be a rival to Russia and China??..

What a circus, LOL

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